Inside Pulse WWE Smackdown Report 03/26/10

MITB Preview Match – Team Smackdown def Team Raw:  Team Smackdown consists of Drew McIntyre, Kane, Shelton Benjamin, Dolph Ziggler and Matt Hardy while Team Raw is Christian, MVP, Jack Swagger, Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston. It occurs to me that ten guys is a lot of guys to keep track of both for this match and for a MITB match as Dolph starts off against Kofi. Kingston takes Ziggler down early with a kick off a rope running exchange but when he goes for the cover all ten men find their way into the ring for a stare down that seems to force a commercial break.

When we return to live taped action, Matt Hardy is battling Jack Swagger and soon covering him for a two count before tagging in Shelton Benjamin. Swagger hits a belly to belly suplex and fakes go for a tag before returning his attention back to Benjamin. Shelton is able to recover and hit the Money Clip which forces Swagger to tag in Bourne. Evan comes in hot with a flying head scissors and dropkick then gets a two count from a flapjack reversal. Christian is tagged in and he and Shelton do a nice spot where CC tries to take him down to work on the arm but Benjamin keeps kipping up from the move. Christian does maintain control however and MVP is soon tagged in and hits a flying forearm for a nearfall. Bourne gets tagged back in but McIntyre stops him from hitting AirBourne. This interference allows Benjamin time to recover and he leaps up to the top rope and he tosses Bourne over his head and to the mat as we take another commercial break.

Once back from commercials, we see Shelton and Evan are still the legal men and we get a couple of replays of Benjamin’s big move before the break. Kane is tagged in and starts pounding on Bourne, going for a cover following an elbow drop, but that attempt is stopped by Christian. Kane tags Hardy back into the match and he hits a slam and fist drop for a two count. Dolph re-enters the match via tag and covers Bourne for two after a kick to the ribs. Matt returns to action with a leg drop then tag Ziggler right back in. Bourne is able to nail a charging Ziggler with a kick and makes it to his corner and tags in Christian who comes in full of fire. A missile dropkick gets him a nearfall on Ziggler then after a nice reversal sequence in the corner he hits his back elbow from the second rope. Christian looks for the Killswitch but McIntyre decides to interrupt his preparations. MVP then enters to deal with the IC Champ and hits him with a big boot in the corner. Hardy then jumps in and nails MVP with the Side Effect. Swagger clotheslines Hardy out of action but Benjamin gets involved and drops him in samoan style before Kofi returns to the ring to lay him out with a flying forearm. Kane then enters to give Kofi the big boot then chokeslams both Kofi and Evan at the same time. He tries to make it three in a row with Christian but gets dumped out of the ring instead. Ziggler goes for the Zig-Zag but it is blocked and after McIntyre makes a blind tag, he eats the Killswitch from Christian instead. Drew then nails the Future Shock on Christian and pins him to give Team Smackdown the win.

After the match McIntyre decides to grab a ladder from under the ring and go for the ceremonial briefcase to celebrate but the other nine guys return to the ring and halt his party.

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler join the show from WWE Axxess to show some of the exhibits from the event and to intro a video package for Edge versus Chris Jericho at WrestleMania. Sadly the segment does not include David Arquette and Jericho singing on the George Lopez show. After a commercial break, Cole and Lawler share more from Axxeaa and then intro a video for the Rey Mysterio/CM Punk feud. Show-Miz then join Josh back at the Smackdown tapings to tell us that they are two great tastes that taste great together.

Vickie Guerrero (and friends) def Beth Phoenix: Vickie comes out and changes this to a five on one handicapped tag match with Michelle McCool, Layla, Alicia Fox and Maryse all joining her team. Layla starts the match and Beth immediately decks her drags her across the ring. Phoenix dumps Layla in a corner and lets her opponents know she isn’t worried about the situation. She then tries to get Layla up in a press slam but McCool interferes so Beth puts her on her shoulders instead and uses her to hit Michelle with. Phoenix then drags McCool into the ring by her hair and tosses her in the same fashion across the ring. The she dumps Alicia in the ring also using the hair and elbows Maryse off the apron with a back elbow. The Glamazon then delivers a double clothesline to Lay-Cool before giving the visiting divas from Raw the same treatment. Eventually the numbers game catches up to Phoenix and results in her getting a boot to the face from McCool. Vickie then excuses herself and asks to be tagged in and she gets the pin.

After the match the other girls hold Beth down and Vickie goes to the second rope like she is going to “frog splash” the Glamazon. However, Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres and Gail Kim run down and chase the bad girls away leaving Beth and Vickie alone in the ring. Beth then rips Guerrero’s pants off and Vickie runs away in shame.

World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho comes to the ring to talk about his match this Sunday against Edge. Jericho gives Edge some props before going on to say that not only will he win at WrestleMania but he will also end Edge’s career. Edge comes out and attacks him but is unable to hit the “you know what” before Jericho is able to escape. In honor of the biggest wrestling weekend of the year, I wrote an article about wrestling and comics, if you’ve got a minute please check it out!

More Axxess highlights including the WrestleMania Reading Challenge and some Hart Family memorabilia. This of course segues nicely into a video package for Bret/Vince this Sunday. After a commercial break we then get more views of stuff on display at Axxess before watching a promo for Batista/Cena. Following more commercials we get yet another cruise around the WWE’s memorabilia set-up, this time focusing on the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels which segues straight into a video for their match this Sunday.

The Big Show def R-Truth: John Morrison comes out first and introduces his tag-team partner for this Sunday. Once in the ring (after asking what’s up) R-Truth returns the favor and then they attempt some comedy. The Miz is also on hand for his partner but like real BFF’s they enter together. Show is all business to start and quickly backs Truth into a corner for a big slap. After a visit to another corner we get more of the same and a choke against the bottom rope. A couple of shots to the gut surround a body slam and Show backs Truth up against the ropes for another slap to the chest. Back to the corner we go and Truth has yet to show any offense in this match. However after a whip into another corner, Truth gets his foot up in Show’s grill as he charges. But when he goes for a flying bodypress off the ropes, Show catches him and hits a nice fall away slam. Show climbs to the second rope but misses an elbow drop. Outside the ring Morrison attacks the Miz and tosses him into the ring steps. Show sets Truth up for a chokeslam but Morrison interferes (resulting in a DQ) and he and Truth combine for a double ddt. Truth then hits a scissors kick and Morrison follows that with a springboard kick to keep the Big Show down. Miz tries to save his partner but gets hit with the Lie Detector and Starship Pain for his trouble which allows Morrison and Truth to pose as the show comes to a close.

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