Shawn Michaels News: WWE Wrestlemania 26 Entrance, Thoughts On Undertaker

HBK Shawn Michaels did an interview with the Miami Herald. Here are some highlights:

on how he you rates Undertaker?
Right up there near the top. One or two easily.

on his Wrestlemania 25 match
It was very physical, and yes, my body did need a break… Heck, my body needs a break after every match for Heaven’s sake. I was fortunate to take the summer off last year. I think that was a good call… What your body can handle physically sometimes is one thing, but emotionally, for me, I left everything out there [vs. Taker at Mania] as well as physically. So the rest afterward was much needed

on his entrance for Wrestlemania 26
I’m sure we’ll have some kind of special entrance, but I think this one is taking on a different tone this year. There’s more finality, I think, with this one, for both of us. I think this one will be more focused on the match and the inevitability of it, more than the differences in the characters

Full Miami Herald Interview

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