WWE.com News: Bret Hart Day 1 Diary of Wrestlemania 26

Bret Hart has been participating in a daily diary on his experience at WWE Wrestlemania 26. Here are interesting highlights of part 1:

first Bret finds his luggage!
Like he’s done so very many times before, The “Hit Man” finds his way to the airport’s luggage carousel. In a crowd of other arriving travelers, at first, a baseball-capped Hart is obscured in the hurried throng beneath the San Francisco-labeled headgear he acquired in the previous city visited.

All it takes, however, is just one person to identify one of the most recognizable personalities in sports-entertainment history, and the entire group at large takes notice. But, it is a warm reception given to The Excellence of Execution and his young son.

on the Hart Dynasty and Hart family at Wrestlemania:
According to The Excellence of Execution, there will be roughly 40 members of the famous Hart family present in Phoenix this weekend for the Hall of Fame Ceremony and WrestleMania. It’s no surprise for Bret to run into three more infamous members in The Hart Dynasty.

There’s some hesitance at first, but it doesn’t keep Bret and Blade from mugging up for a photo with Natalya, David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd (technically an extended member of the Hart clan). No hostilities or allegiances; just good times at this event for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Phoenix Children’s Hospital. While Bret stands with his fellow contributing Superstar artists, the moment even forms a seemingly proud, contented look on The “Hit Man’s” face.

finally Bret and Jerry Lawler are art buddies at the end of the day
Though once very fierce enemies, The King and The Hit Man have grown a competitive kinship, of sorts. Astounded and grateful, Hart accepts the gift and shakes hands with his former nemesis, yielding a truly poignant moment showcasing a mutual respect shared by both men for their Hall of Fame careers.

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