Bret Hart Day 2 Wrestlemania 26 Diary on

Bret Hart has been participating in a daily diary on his experience at WWE Wrestlemania 26. Here are interesting highlights of part 2:

on stretching
The next day of Bret Hart’s week under the intense Phoenix sun begins in a cool, dark and emptied gym downtown. Armed with a single water bottle and nylon workout shorts, The “Hit Man” studies rows of varying weights and dumbbells. He spends a few moments just limbering up for what he expects will be a brief workout, given a full day’s schedule ahead. He gets in a good stretch – perhaps in is head hearing that term barked so often by his father, Stu, while doing so.

on entrance music
Only two parted opaque black curtains separate the second-generation WWE Hall of Famer from the voracious crowd of WWE fans on hand for Axxess. Hart surveys the audience, instantly detecting their palpable thirst for pink and black. Tonight especially, the vast auditorium wields a pulse as heavy as the synthesized heartbeat of Bret’s trademark entrance music.

on meeting longtime fans
The Excellence of Execution happens upon one longtime Hit Man fan, Corné Kuijpers, who’s traveled from the Netherlands just for an opportunity to lock hands with his leather jacketed idol. Their firm handshake is a gripping sight that tells of the immeasurable amount of support outpoured by Bret Hart loyalists. To witness Bret’s WWE return and, for these fans, the chance to share their passion with The Hit Man is a bold dream fulfilled.

Full Day 2 Bret Hart Diary

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