Bret Hart Day 3 Wrestlemania 26 Diary on

Bret Hart has been participating in a daily diary on his experience at WWE Wrestlemania 26. Here are interesting highlights of part 3:

on Wrestlemania 26’s stadium seating
“It’s pretty cool being here,” Hart says while seated in a frontward section of the domed arena. “I’m just taking it all in.”

Briefly halting his tour of WrestleMania XXVI’s vast setting, Bret Hart has slipped into a row of what seems like an infinite quantity of commemorative chairs. The contemplative and relaxed “Hit Man” rests in the heart of the University of Phoenix Stadium – a “spaceship in the middle of the dessert,” as one passing crew member described while he and so many others erect the feel of Sunday’s spectacle.

on reflecting back
The last time Hart competed at WrestleMania was in 1997 against “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, which Bret admits was his favorite match at WWE’s flagship mega-event. At WrestleMania 13, Chicago’s Rosemont Horizon held less than 20,000 people who bore witness to a night in which Bret (beloved hero) and Austin (scorned villain) inverted their roles in the eyes of the WWE Universe.

on traveling around
The “Hit Man” emerges from his hotel and into the daylight just past noon. There is a detectable confidence in The Excellence of Execution that’s somewhat stronger than the day before, just as it was slightly more discernible yesterday than the day before that. And he’s now one Hart richer: His 21-year-old daughter, Sabina (“Beans”).

The two, along with Bret’s youngest son Blade, approach a car manned by a driver who’s appropriately garbed in black dress shirt and a sleekly contrasting pink necktie. It’s a clear homage to his legendary passenger.

Full Day 3 Bret Hart Diary

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