Bret Hart News: Owen Hart Memories, Wrestlemania 26, “Overreacted” To Montreal

Some interview highlights from Bret Hart:

on Owen Hart
I have so many great memories… Especially with my brother, Owen, travelling together, wrestling together, you know, laughter, funny stories, memories.

on his comeback
I remember standing in the ring, telling myself that I would never do what I’m doing… Swearing it to myself, and standing by it for all these years, that I would never, ever work for this man or this company ever again, no matter how desperate I get, how much they ever offered me, I would never come back

on the Montreal Screwjob
You can’t help but look yourself in the mirror and say ‘Jeez, maybe I overreacted. Maybe I took all this stuff too serious; it’s just pro wrestling. I found myself saying that a lot of times: It’s just pro wrestling. . . . Wrestling, sometimes, is all just bullshit, but that bullshit was everything to me.”

Full Bret Hart interview

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