Jon Fitch dominates Ben Saunders, gains unanimous decision victory

Following the back-and-forth opening fight of the main card, Jon Fitch made a one-sided affair out of his bout with late replacement Ben Saunders in a welterweight showdown. Fitch utilized his wrestling throughout all three rounds, leaving Saunders helpless off of his back.

The first round didn’t last on the feet very long. The former Purdue wrestler took the fight down and was happy to work in Saunders’ guard. “Killa B” did nothing but attempt to control Fitch’s wrists when he was unable to get anything going with submissions.

The second round was more of the same with Fitch taking it down and utilizing some decent ground and pound. Saunders was yet again unable to do anything and spent almost the entire round getting battered by the superior grappler.

The third round actually featured a bit of stand up, but Saunders was unable to get anything done. In fact, Fitch actually was the one getting the better of the notable striker, Saunders. However, the fight went back to the ground, and Fitch grinded out the rest of the fight.

This type of fight has pretty much been the story of Fitch’s career ever since his loss to Georges St. Pierre. He did dominate his opponent for the entire 15 minutes, but it’s hard to say that a title shot is coming his way after his inability to finish yet another fight in which he was so dominant.

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