Shane Carwin obliterates Frank Mir for Interim Heavyweight Title

Shane Carwin and Frank Mir matched up Sat. evening in the co-main event of UFC 111, and there were plenty of fireworks. Carwin had yet to compete in a fight that lasted longer than the first round, and this one was no different.

The two began with a feeling-out process, but when Mir went in for a combination, Carwin was quick to clinch. The two spent some quality time against the cage with Carwin doing the only notable damage. However, much to the dismay of Joe Rogan, the official separated the two from the clinch.

But it didn’t take long for Carwin to get back to the clinch. Once there, the undefeated heavyweight contender landed several incredibly powerful uppercuts that floored the former UFC heavyweight champion. Mir struggled to survive, as Carwin continued with his dominant ground and pound.

Mir showed heart blindly searching for a leg and a chance to keep the fight from being stopped, but failed when he flattened out to the continued onslaught of the new interim champion.

Carwin kept his undefeated record intact and managed to gain some nice hardware in the process. The Grudge Sports fighter will now have a chance to unify his belt with heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar’s later in 2010. The two met eye-to-eye in the ring with Lesnar clearly the larger man. However, Carwin’s power has been a big problem for everyone he has ever faced. Perhaps it will be enough to give Lesnar a challenge in his return to the Octagon.

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