St. Pierre dominates Hardy en route to unanimous decision victory

Dan Hardy looked to talk UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre into a striking match with his pre-fight interviews, but the champion went to his bread and butter very early in the fight.

After the challenger landed a nice counter-punch in the opening exchange, St. Pierre immediately went for a takedown and he was successful. The Canadian continued to work his way on the ground, transferring from position to position. However, Hardy proved a stubborn opponent by avoiding submissions, including a vicious armbar attempt that had Hardy in a lot of pain.

The second round featured over one minute of stand up at the beginning, but St. Pierre effortlessly grabbed another takedown and move to side control. However, Hardy reversed the situation and the two went back to the feet. However, St. Pierre did what he did best and slammed Hardy back to the ground.

The third round began with what everyone had to see coming, another takedown. St. Pierre looked for ground and pound and landed some nice shots to Hardy. After the challenger avoided another submission attempt, the fight went back to the feet, but only for a few seconds. St. Pierre ended the round on top.

The fourth round began the same as the previous one, and St. Pierre immediately moved to Hardy’s back. Hardy nearly reversed the position, but the champion immediately moved back to the dominant top position. St. Pierre nearly forced a submission, but Hardy somehow weathered an incredible kimura attempt. However, St. Pierre took another round in another dominant performance.

Hardy entered the fifth round with a finish the only manner of victory. St. Pierre grabbed an early takedown, just as he had done so effortlessly throughout the entire fight. The champion looked for another armlock and was clearly looking for a finish. However, Hardy continued to display his tremendous heart, and St. Pierre continued to maintain a dominant position. The Canadian finished the fight with another failed submission attempt, but there was no doubt that the fight was his.

The judges’ scorecards read 50-43, 50-44, and 55-45, giving St. Pierre all five rounds. Hardy showed his heart by avoiding submission attempt after submission attempt, but was clearly outclassed by the undisputed champion.

The fight was another dominant performance by St. Pierre, who is looking more and more unstoppable with each fight. The UFC executives will have their hands’ full finding someone who can challenge the welterweight sensation.

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