UFC 111: St. Pierre vs. Hardy Results, Play-By-Play, and Photos

UFC is back on the Metropolitan area and the team from Inside Fights/FoxSports are there LIVE! We’ll be sitting octagonside for all the fights, so tune in to our exclusive web coverage beginning tonight at 7:30! In tonight’s main event, UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre defends his title against Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy. Also on the card, Frank Mir and Shane Carwin will vie for a shot at the UFC Interim Heavyweight Title and a shot at current champion Brock Lesnar in July.

UFC 111 airs live on pay-per-view at 10 PM ET. and we will be providing full coverage of tonight’s event, starting with the preliminary bouts, which are expected to start around 7:30 p.m. ET. Preliminary bouts will air on Spike TV at 9 PM ET.

Refresh this page frequently for the latest results and play-by-play…

Up now: UFC Welterweight Championship Bout: Dan Hardy vs. Georges St. Pierre

UFC Welterweight Championship Bout: Dan Hardy vs. Georges St. Pierre

Round 1

Dan Hardy with two quick punches, but it is countered by GSP shooting for a takedown. Hardy quickly works the rubber guard, but GSP pops his right leg out and moves into half guard. GSP transitions to side control. As Hardy rises to his feet, GSP takes his back with one hook in. Dan Hardy rolls through and escapes back to his feet, only to be taken down with a single leg once again. GSP pops his legs free and ends up in full mount with Hardy stretched out completely on his back. GSP takes the back, but Hardy rises to his feet to shake him down. Deep, deep armbar from GSP that Hardy rolls his way out of. The horn sounds with both men back on their feet.

Round 2

Leg kick from GSP. Hardy swings a big left hook as Georges steps in. GSP executes a single leg and quickly moves into side control. George is looking to mount, but takes Hardy’s back. Dan slides clear of a triangle then an armbar, releasing GSP back to his feet to box. GSP fakes a Superman. GSP steps in and blocks a head kick. GSP with a jab, cross and body punch before shooting in for a double leg takedown. GSP in Hardy’s guard to end round two.

Round 3

GSP takes Hardy down with a single leg and ends up in half guard. Hardy transitions back to guard, GSP seems content to ground and pound. Two long punches from a standing GSP lead to St. Pierre in guard. GSP leaves an arm out that Hardy attempts to pull in for an armbar. GSP in North-South and he has an Americana. He looked like he wanted to leave no question with that one. Hardy gets back to his feet, but Georges takes the single leg and pulls him to the center of the Octagon on his back. GSP takes Hardy’s back, securing the leg so that Hardy can’t roll away from armbar attempt. The round ends with a small jab to Hardy in the guard. Takedowns have been the story of the fight so far, Hardy can’t stop them but his submission defense has been excellent.

Round 4

Hardy commits to a jab, and Georges pulls the single leg. Hardy has his back taken and after a brilliant scramble in which Hardy momentarily takes control against the fence, GSP ends up with side control. Hardy does a good job to prevent being ridden. Dan Hardy is stuck in a tight kimura by the press table that sees GSP taking a half mount and has an easy opportunity to snap Dan’s arm and either Hardy is the toughest man in the world or GSP is spent.

Round 5

Several shots from both GSP and Hardy just miss. St. Pierre shoots in for a takedown that Hardy tries to hop out of but is pulled to the ground. GSP tries for his Americana, but Hardy powers out, remaining on the bottom. GSP drops a few elbows in the half guard, before passing into side control. Hardy attempts to escape to his feet and eats a big slam for his effort. Hardy looks sated with decision loss, but the fans are

Winner: Georges St. Pierre via unanimous decision (50-43, 50-44, 50-45)

GSP is a class act in putting Hardy over after the fight. He remembers his first title match against Matt Hughes allowed and wonders if Hardy is made of rubber. Me too.

Co-Main Event
Shane Carwin vs. Frank Mir

During introductions, the camera pans to Brock Lesnar at ringside. The crowd is split. Not on the fighters in the match though. Very pro-Carwin crowd during entrances. Not sure how it came across during intros.

Round 1

Mir sticks out a cross that misses and Carwin walks him across the ring the cage door. Dirty boxing by Carwin against the fence. Dan Mirgliotta separates the fighters after a prolonged period with no progress and they are back to feeling each out in the center of the Octagon. In the clinch along the cage, five big uppercuts, Frank Mir is down on his knees. Four or five shots later, this fight is stopped.

Winner: Shane Carwin by knockout (R1, 3:48)

Lesnar is brought into the cage for an interview with Joe Rogan. “That belt is a make believe belt” says Brock Lesnar. We’ll finally get the fight that Shane Carwin earned last year before Brock took ill.

Fabrico Camoes vs. Kurt Pellegrino

Round 1

Pellegrino has his back taken in a standing naked choke. He’s unable to find a way to shake one of hooks so far. Kurt is defending the neck while standing. Kurt headplants him into the mat and Camoes is dazed. Kurt grabs the back with an arm trapped and goes for a rear naked choke of his own. Camoes grabs the triangle chokes (Kurt avoids), then transitions for an omaplata. Camoes has a dars choke from the bottom, but Pellegrino gets free. Pellegrino moves to full, then half, guard working ground and pound along the way. Pellegrino is looking to pop the leg free. The round ends with Kurt in control.

Round 2

Pellegrino with a takedown. Two minutes into the round, Kurt will have a full mount on Camoes. Camoes hip escapes and gets back into half guard, before Camoes begins making his way to his feet. Pellegrino sweeps his legs away, pressing Fabricio against the cage. Camoes tries to explode out, but Pellegrino keeps him down on the mat. Pellegrino transitions to back control and sinks a very deep rear naked choke. Camoes looks as if he’s not going to tap, but finally gives in and submits.

Winner: Kurt Pellegrino by submission (R2, rear naked choke, 4:20)

Ben Saunders vs. Jon Fitch

Round 1

Ben Saunders had his first of three possible opportunities to take down Jon Fitch or test his striking, however, Fitch engaged with a reversal and threw Saunders to the ground. Fitch works his ground and pound while Saunders tries to lock onto any limb that Fitch might leave out. Fitch is making Saunders carry his weight. Saunders with an upkick as Fitch steps out of open guard. The round ends with Saunders on his back.

Round 2

Leg kick by Fitch. Saunders and Fitch are striking to start the first thirty seconds of round two. Fitch shoots for a single leg, elevating Saunders up for a big slam away from the cage. Fitch bundles Saunders up against the wall, butterfly guard is passed by Fitch and he eventually ends up in side control. The crowd cheers when the referee stands the fighters up, but Saunders rewards them by charging blindly into Fitch’s arms attempting a flying knee. Fitch tries for a belly to back, but the cage saves Saunders. Round two ends with loud boos from the crowd.

Round 3

Fitch presses in on Saunders, Ben gets clear of another tie-up and begins kickboxing. After two knees to the body, Fitch grabs Saunders for a takedown, but it is stuffed. Fitch presses against the cage and the fans begin booing. Saunders switches the positions, but Fitch is like Velcro. The referee separates the two with Fitch coming out swinging. Saunders gets a shot in on Fitch when he has his leg. The fighters separate. Two exchanges ends with Fitch on top after a solid punch on Saunders. Saunders has Fitch in his guard with under 2 minutes to go. With one minute to go, Fitch finishes the fight on top.

Winner: Jon Fitch via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Round 1

Bocek and Miller stand and trade in the center of the ring. Bocek with a big slam after taking Miller away from the cage. The big moment of round one comes moments away from the end of the first stanza when Miller gets a deep kimura that Bocek rolls to his back to avoid. Bocek ends up pulling full guard. On replay, you can see how very, very close Bocek was to tapping.

Round 2

Miller with a jab. Big double leg and slam by Bocek. Miller tries for a sub, allowing Bocek to get side control. Miller takes him back into full guard, preventing the stoppage finish. Bocek stands and misses a big fist launched at the face of Jim Miller. Bocek goes for an arm triangle and begins to pass, but Jim Miller scoots his hips out. Bocek gets caught in a heel hook, rolling over to get his leg free. Full mount is taken by Mark Bocek. Mark Bocek takes the back of Jim Miller. Miller has his arm trapped by Bocek’s leg, as the redhead is working very hard for the stoppage. Miller defending the rear naked choke. Joe Rogan remarks about the body triangle that Bocek is using to lock that right arm in. Miller gets back to his feet with Bocek on his back, flopping down to his back. He’s pumped, but there is much more work to be done.

Round 3

Jim Miller survived round 2 and comes out with a punch to start. Bocek shoots for a takedown that is stuffed by Miller. Both fighters miss on sloppy crosses. Bocek uses the jab to set up his takedowns, while Miller is jabbing back to maintain his position. Bocek takes a single leg and gets Miller back against the cage. Miller has his left arm around the chin/neck of Bocek, but eats a knee for his efforts. Bocek gets an over-under after a left jab along the cage wall, Miller grabbed the leg to keep Bocek from cinching his back again. Bocek maintains the single-leg for a takedown, but Miller is trying to turn to the corner and get his way back to his feet. Miller spins out and takes Bocek’s back and begins clobbering away to finish the round.

Winner: Jim Miller by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Prelims Live on SPIKE TV

Rory Markham vs. Nate Diaz

Early striking from both Markham and Nate Diaz; exchanging hooks and body kicks. Against the cage, Nate Diaz unleashes a series of punches that get Markham to cover up. Rory takes a big knee in the clinch and Nate takes his back. First attempt at a rear naked choke goes no where, but every time Rory rolls to his knees, Nate pounds his ears and body. After having no defense offered for a good minute. The referee has to step in and call the fight.

Winner: Nate Diaz by TKO (R1, 2:47)

Ricardo Almeida vs. Matt Brown

Round 1

Matt Brown is pressing the NJ native, but Almeida gets a hold of Brown and takes him to the matt. Brown working to get back to his feet. After about a minute, he’s successful, but eats a few elbows against the cage for his efforts. Almeida rides Brown against the fence to end the round.

Round 2

Almeida takes Brown the mat, shooting off a few short elbows that don’t do a lot of damage, but leave Brown free to take the dominant position. Matt Brown catches Almeida with a big outside leg kick but it is caught by Ricardo. Almedia takes Brown’s back in an attempt to grab a choke, but Brownrolls through until the fight is stopped shortly thereafter.

Winner: Ricardo Almeida by submission (R1, Rear Naked Choke, 3:33)

Rousimar Palhares vs Tomasz Drwal

Round 1

Both fighters circle for position. Drwal goes for a front kick and slips on the Bud Light logo in the center of the octagon. Palhares dives into open guard, realizes the left leg is available and take the knee with him. Drwal taps.

Winner: Rousimar Palhares via submission (R1, kneebar, 0:45)

Round 1

Both men coming out swinging, Rodney bobbing and weaving past Hamman’s shots. Wallace takes the single lege and ends up in closed guard. Hamman back to his feet and Wallace maintains control on the ankle, pulling Hamman in for a blow to the side of the head. Wallace with several big punches that rock Hamman. Hamman has cut above his left eye. Hamman rocks Wallace with a kick and rolls to the mat with him, attempting a kimura. Wallace is free and begins working in closed guard. After an exchange of knees in the clinch, the round comes to a close.

Round 2

30 seconds into the round, Wallace shoots for a takedown that Hamman blocks and reverses with a judo throw. Wallace ends up back on top after his attempted triangle on . Wallace on his back with 1:20 to go and Hamman is laying into his legs with kicks. Hamman in closed guard working some ground and pound. Hamman on his feet attempting a big punch to the grounded Wallace.

Round 3

Hamman working in the open guard of Wallace. Both men back on their feet, Wallace is looking for a finish. Several large striking attempts miss and both men are down to the mat. After a lack of progress, the match is taken back to their feet. Wallace is catching Hamman with shots, but nothing that stops him. Wallace slips and falls, Hamman follows him into guard. Wallace working to get back to his feet, but Wallace goes for an americana. Hamman rolls through and secures a crucifix that Wallace powers out of.

Winner: Jared Hamman via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Greg Soto vs. Matthew Riddle

Round 1
Soto stalks and connects with a leg kick. Riddle looks content to counter as he circles off. Outside lig kick from Soto, leads to a right hand from Soto and a clinch against the cage. Takedown attempt thwarted by Riddle. Inside leg kick checked by Soto. Takedown stuff by Riddle. Dirty boxing against the cage by Soto and Riddle. Both fighters rocked after an exchange. Soto tries for a takedown but it leads to both men back on the opposite side of the cage. One minute remaining, Riddle controls against the cage and knees to the outside of the thighs. Takedown at the end of the round for Riddle.

Round 2
Jab from Soto, Riddle swings again for the counter. Grappling against the cage, Riddle knees to the thighs of Soto. Takedown by Riddle who immediately begins to work the ground and pound. Elbows to the face of Soto, who continues to try and tie the arms up. Riddle working on the mat for over a few minutes. Soto fights out of it with a big shot that rocks Riddle. He quickly recovers to rock Soto with a right and takes his back.

Round 3
Soto comes for the knockout to start the third, but Riddle avoids and shoots for the takedown. Riddle ends up in open guard. While escaping a triangle choke, Soto hits Riddle with an illegal upkick flooring him. The referee and doctor have a look over him, but he’s determined unable to continue.

Winner: Matthew Riddle by disqualification (R3, 1:30)

Main Bouts (On Pay-Per-View):
-Georges St-Pierre vs. Dan Hardy
-Frank Mir vs. Shane Carwin

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