Arthur Abraham Gets DQ Against Andre Dirrell

The second stage of the Super Six tournament kicked off with a lot of action and drama. Andre Dirrell was doing a fine job of outpointing the inactive Arthur Abraham on Saturday night. Dirrell even scored a knockdown in the 4th round with a right as Abraham was backpedaling. It was the first time that Abraham had ever been down in his career.

In the 11th round, Dirrell slipped on the ring advertisement (for the second time in the fight) and went down to a knee. Abraham quickly pounced and planted a right hook on his downed opponent. Dirrell was out and referee Laurence Cole, who did another terrible job, started a count before realizing Dirrell was out. Dirrell could not continue and the fight was awarded to Andre Dirrell via DQ. Abraham claimed he didn’t know Dirrell was down but it was a punch out of frustration. How many times has Abraham thrown a right hook below his own belt line to his opponent’s face? It was a cheap shot and hopefully more punishment is impending.

Abraham was in his shell for the majority of the fight as Andre Dirrell landed more punches than Abraham threw over the course of the fight. Referee Laurence Cole let two knockdowns go unrecognized, one for each fighter, and didn’t establish control of a fight that needed it, especially a fight with Arthur Abraham involved.

Andre Dirrell was helped up and seemed to believe he lost the fight. He was in tears and disappointed that he was knocked out, unable to comprehend that the knockout was due to an illegal blow. He will receive two points in the Super Six tournament, putting him into a tie for second place.

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