30 Rock – Episode 4-16 Review

When life gives you Liz Lemons, make it eat poisoned salmon. Yeah, eff you, universe…and ex-boyfriends.  “Floyd” continues the universe’s assault on Liz. There were a few laughs along the way, but no Big Bang.

Liz has been putting positive vibes into the universe and it looks like the universe is finally giving something back when her ex, Floyd (Jason Sudeikis), calls her with some big news. When last we saw Floyd, he and Liz broke up so he could take a job in Cleveland. Has he come back for Liz? Liz finds out the humiliating way when she sees him on the Today Show trying to win a free wedding with his new fiancée, Caitlin. Again, eff you, universe…and ex-boyfriends – I can’t stress that enough.  Liz doesn’t really play well with others and celebrates his engagement at a restaurant that has given her food poisoning from salmon.  Egged on to eat the salmon,  Floyd (a recovering alcoholic) gets drunk on its Jack Daniel’s sauce and proceeds to tell Liz that she is single because she is joyless. Ouch! Floyd’s drunken hijinks climaxes on the Today Show where he tells Kathie Lee and Hoda they wear too much make-up (thank god, someone needed to). Liz apologizes to Floyd and Caitlin for getting him drunk and the cruel universe now has her part of the wedding party.  Was Wesley right? Is the universe guiding them to settle?

Danny finally returned and his storyline was… Hmmmm!  Jealous of Danny’s good nature and good fortunes, Frank, Toofer, and Lutz prank him by doctoring a New York Times piece written about him.  Jack gets involved and the pranks escalates: Jack and Danny trick Frank, Toofer, and Lutz into getting in their underwear in front of the TGS dancers; Frank forces Jack to leave the room every time he  says “twigs and plums” (a code word from his Harvard secret society); and ends with a literal “Yo Momma” joke – Jack and Danny seduces Frank’s mom.  Really, these are the best pranks they could come up with? Hmmmm! After Danny being absent for so long, this is the story they give him? They spent the first half of the season looking for a new cast member yet have done nothing with him.  Hmmmm!

Meanwhile, to prevent Jenna and Tracy from getting jealous over Danny’s New York Times piece, Pete gets them out of the way by having them sit 12 hours getting their face plastered. He has Kenneth accompany them the whole time to tell stories – just to pour salt on the wound.  Kenneth talks and talks and talks and talks, takes a breath, and talks and talks and…  Spending 12 hours listening to Kenneth, both Jenna and Tracy find him in their dreams…sex dreams. *Shudders* To put an end to their nightmares, they decide to join forces and Elm Street Kenneth in their sleep.  They team up and beat up Kenneth. Problem: They were not sleeping.  Solution: They spent the night without dreaming about Kenneth.

“Floyd” was kind of like Liz’s love life, the effort was made but not much came from it. There were some good story moments, Jack’s relationship with Nancy was put to an end, and Danny retuned, but at the end of the day, it was nothing special.  It was good to see Floyd again and see him put Liz in her place, other than that… Hmmmm!