Abyss Blogs: TNA Lockdown 2010, Sting, Team Hogan’s 2nd Member

Abyss has a storyline-centric blog on TNAWrestling.com that also veered into sports and politics, but I’ve plucked the wrestling highlights below:

on his cage match at Lockdown
Lockdown is rapidly approaching and its Steel Cage time!!! This is my favorite pay per view of the year because of its brutality and blood thirsty theme. It appeals to this monster more than any other pay per view event because I can do whatever I want within the confines of the steel cage, in this year’s case, the LETHAL LOCKDOWN match. There are no rules. There are no limits. This style of match represents what this monster truly adores and is hungry for.

on Sting
Team Flair has announced, as you saw last Monday, that Sting will be the captain of TEAM FLAIR. Isn’t it crazy how we’ve come full circle??? There was a time when Sting mentored me and took me under his wing. Now, he stands on the other side, the wrong side!

on the second member of Team Hogan
I have huge news for everyone reading this blog. Hulk and I have talked and we have chosen the second member of TEAM HOGAN to team alongside me at Lockdown!!! I have spoken to Hulk and he has given me his blessing, so this Monday on Impact I will reveal the second member of TEAM HOGAN!!!! As long as he accepts, which I think he will, our second team member will be introduced this Monday on Impact, so tune in to find out everyone!!!

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