Mick Foley Blogs: Comedy Tour, TNA Future, Possible Retirement

In the TNA storylines, Mick Foley is currently fired and gone from TNA. He posted a new blog on his MySpace continuing that storyline while pretending to be shooting, brutha.

on his immediate future:
I am going to go back to doing more of those unbilled, unpaid appearances at NYC and Long Island clubs during the weekdays – just to get used to telling stories and jokes in front of people who are not quite so familiar (or familiar at all) with me. People I trust within the comedy field tell me that’s the best way to go, especially if I want to make an impression on decision makers outside of wrestling. I am very pleased to be the Daily Show’s “Senior Ass Kicker”, and hope it will turn out to be a semi-regularly recurring role. I do know that the “Ass Kicker” role has led directly to this upcoming “Warren the Gorilla” project on MTV. “Warren” has yet to air, but it is already getting buzz within the entertainment community, including an article in Time magazine.

on his retirement
I will be turning 45 in just a few months, and I can definately see the end of the wrestling road coming. I’m really not sure when I’ll be back in TNA, or even if, or for how long, so I really want to be prepared for life after wrestling. And I feel like creating and taking advantage of opportunities that come up outside of wrestling is the best way to do that.

Full Mick Foley Myspace Blog

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