WWE Monday Night Raw Dark Match Results: Edge, HHH, Chris Jericho

After Raw went off the air, World Hvt. champion Chris Jericho came out with taped ribs and told the crowd to stop crying about Shawn Michaels because he was injured by Edge at WrestleMania. Edge then came out to face Jericho. When he got to the stage, he solemnly nodded at the DX sticks.

Dark Match: Edge beat World Hvt. champion Chris Jericho via DQ when he pushed the ref. Jericho had the advantage at first. He proceeded to do Hulk Hogan poses when Edge came back. Jericho shoved the ref prompting the DQ, but Edge speared him. Selling that he was very upset, Edge did more Hogan poses and walked back.

Jericho started to taunt the crowd, but Triple H came out to Pedigree and superkick him. He proceeded to say, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Chris Jericho has left consciousness!”

credit: Benjamin Tucker PWTorch.com

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