Dancing with the Stars – Episode 10-2 Review

Up first tonight is Shannen and Mark. In rehearsal, Shannen expresses she wants Mark to listen to the judges’ comments from last week, and be less ambitious. Mark disagrees and says he wants to push her.  They dance the Jive to “Shake Your Tail Feather.” When the dance is over, she runs and gives her father a hug in the audience, and he is gushing with pride for her.   Len thinks it was well-done but she needs to work on control.  Bruno thinks she has improved and that she engaged the audience. Carrie Ann thinks that Mark pushing her paid off, but  she needs to work on her musicality.  She gets a 6 from Len and 7s from the other two (20).

The next couple up is Aiden and Edyta.   Her skirt in rehearsal looks like it’s a t-shirt wrapped around her privates, I kid you not.  She’s all business in rehearsal, and Aiden tells her to be more patient with him or he’ll leave.  She walks out, and he follows and wisely puts it to her this way, “You hurt my feelings”.   She says she feels bad but she wants the routine to look good. They dance the Foxtrot to “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”.  Edyta elbows him in the eye but they continue smoothly.  The judges all like it and Carrie Ann says the rehearsal drama paid off. Len thinks the footwork was very good and he commends Edyta. They get two 6s and 7 from Carrie Ann (19).

Next is Evan and Anna. They are rehearsing for the Jive. They think the dance lends itself to a more obvious connection between them as they were criticized for not enough connection last week.  They travel to his hometown for recognition of his Olympic performance.   They dance the jive to “The Best Damn Thing” and they are dressed  like characters from Grease.  Carrie Ann feels the connection was there.  Len feels Evan overcame the struggle taller people have with the jive. Bruno also thought the connection was good, but Evan needs to point his feet and not go wobbly. He gets 8s from everyone (24).

Niecy and Louis are next. Louis encourages her in rehearsal to be like butter. She really appreciates the food comparisons.  She feels she can bring the drama and romance to the Foxtrot. She says people will describe her as graceful and in good comedic timing, she falls out of her chair.  They dance to “Love You I Do” and she’s in a pretty pink gown. Len thinks she is a revelation. Bruno describes her as a strawberry milkshake. Carrie Ann gets after them about a lift (lifts must have been the first thing she learned in Ballroom 101 because she’s obsessed where Len and Bruno don’t seem to care). They gets 7s from all the judges (21).

Next up is Jake and Chelsea. Jake is making jokes as his defense mechanism for feeling stupid on the dance floor (this is his analysis, not mine).  They dance the Jive to “Hip to be Square”.  You can definitely see he is trying really hard and Bruno commends his effort but says he needs to be more precise.  Carrie Ann obsesses over a possible lift and Len said he needs to be lighter on his feet.   He gets a 6 from Carrie Ann and 7s from the rest (20).

Buzz and Ashley are rehearsing for the Fox Trot. He must have been a metrosexual in his day. He wears trendy t- shirts, a bracelet and a nice watch, and has had a facelift. Ashley draws a map to help him with the dance steps. They dance to “Fly Me To The Moon”.  Carrie Ann thought he got the emotional part down but he was too cautious, Len says he inspires people, and Bruno said it looked like he was “avoiding craters”. He gets 4s from all the judges (12).

Nicole and Derek are up next with the Jive. She’s concerned that the song they are given doesn’t match their traditional/classic moves for the routine. They throw  some Pussycat Dolls (PCD) moves into the number and it makes Nicole nervous for Len’s reaction. She must have watched past seasons. They dance to “SOS” and look incredible dancing together. They get a standing O.  Len in fact does not like the non-traditional parts and gives an 8. Carrie Ann does a little “I’m not worthy” bow and gives them a 10. Bruno also gives a 10 (28).

Next is Erin and Maks in rehearsal.  Erin is losing her cool and Maks calms her down. They dance the Foxtrot to “Love Story”. Bruno thinks she’s a natural. Carrie Ann thinks she’s a beautiful lyrical dancer but needs to watch the “deathgrip” on Max. Erin cracks in response that she’s trying to find Mak’s bicep. Len says she needs to watch her footwork and lectures that the dancers need to “turn up, keep up, and shut up”.  They get a 7 from Len and 8s from Bruno and Carrie Ann (23).

Pamela and Damian decide they want her to channel Marilyn Monroe for the Foxtrot. They dance to “I Wanna Be Loved By You”. Carrie Ann thinks she is versatile. Len introduces us to the word “titivating” meaning Pamela has spruced herself up.  He thinks the dance was charming but her posture needs work. Bruno thinks it was a “delicious tribute” to Marilyn Monroe and gives her an 8. She gets 7s from the others (22).

Chad and Cheryl are next. In rehearsal, he flirts with her. Cheryl wonders where it could go. She kisses him as reward for him making an improvement. It seems his flirting has gotten to her a little in a good way. They dance the Foxtrot to “100 Years”.  The judges do not like it.  Carrie Ann gives him the most constructive criticism telling him to think of dancing like football and to just let go. He gets fives from all of but Carrie Ann who gives a 6 (16).

Last, but not least, is Kate and Tony. They have a heated argument about his teaching style and he quits. Kate cries and says she doesn’t “get it” which is exactly Tony’s problem with her learning style. He confesses he overreacted to her.  They dance the jive to “I’m Still Standing” She looks petrified during the dance but gets through it. Bruno remembers being a dancer in Elton John’s video to this song.  He says Kate turned the memory into a nightmare. He says she needs to learn how to portray the character of the dance not just go through the motions. Carrie Ann compliments her on getting through the dance because she was clearly fearful.  She also mentions a lift. Len tells her she needs to just “go for it” and get past her nerves. Kate and Tony go backstage where Brooke is supportive and says, “a bump in the road” can make the team stronger. They get  5s from all the judges (15).

My prediction is Buzz is going home. He’s charming but he can’t dance very well.  I don’t know if he and his dance partner have a large enough fan base to overcome the low scores.