IPTV Exclusive: Big Brother's Jeff Schroeder & Jordan Lloyd (The Amazing Race 16)

Without question, the most popular Big Brother contestants of all-time were Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd. The pair became America’s sweethearts on the show and even won the ‘Best Couple’ award at the Fox Reality Awards in 2009.

Following their appearance, they went on to the Amazing Race 16 and their likeability translated their. Despite Jordan already winning $500,000 on her first reality show, the other teams only embraced them and this was unlike when former Survivor contestants Boston Rob and Amber went onto do the Race and faced the wrath of their jealous adversaries.

I got the chance to catch up with the pair today to discuss their appearance on The Amazing Race, what went wrong, why the other teams weren’t jealous of them and what’s next for reality’s cutest couple.

Check out the interview with Jordan HERE

Check out the interview with Jeff HERE

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