Lost – Episode 6-10 Review

Sawyer: Why do you need a boat? Can’t you just turn into smoke and fly your way over there?
The Locke Ness Monster: If I could do that, do you think I’d still be on this island?
Sawyer: No, because that would be ridiculous….


So was anybody else worried that they were going to do an amnesia story arc when Sun hit her head, woke up, and started speaking Korean? Sure, the “I understand you, but you can’t understand me” thing was a little disconcerting at first, but I’m willing to see how it plays out. Plus it set up the wonderful interaction between Jack and Sun near the end of the episode. Ya’ know, I’ve spent so much time listening to arguments about Sawyer and Kate’s super duper special relationship, yet this scene – between two characters who have never and will never share anything resembling a romance – was one of the most genuinely touching and heartfelt scene of the season. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but it was just a fantastic scene. It really reminded me of early Jack – just a calming force in the midst of all the unbelievable chaos.

If I’m not mistaken, this was one of the only Sun/Jin-centric episodes that didn’t see the couple reuniting in the end. And that was a bit bittersweet, as the scene in the garden was a poignant representation of how long these two have been apart. This husband and wife, who share a daughter together, haven’t set eyes on each other for three years. During this time, Sun thought Jin was dead. And Jin would frequently check to see if she and the others had returned to the island, despite living 30 years in the past. Talk about star crossed lovers.

For that matter, speaking of genuinely touching moments, was there anything like seeing Jin look at the photos of his daughter? My goodness, how that tugged at the heart. And what really added to the scene and what made it even more emotional was that you could imagine how Sun originally envisioned this return to the island. I’m sure, in her mind, she’d come back to warmly embrace her husband, only to shower him with photos and tales of their beautiful young daughter. But, as we know, that’s not what happened. And you could imagine how torturous this must be for them – after being separated for three years, and then by 30 years, and now knowing that they’re both on the island at the same time, but still separated.

I’d say that I always wanted these two to get reunited. But after this episode, I’d say I’m solidly invested in their reunion.

So, the sideways world. As many people observed in the premiere, Sun was referred to as “Ms. Paik,” leading to speculation that they aren’t married in this alternate universe. As we learned tonight, that is the case. But their love transcends realities (if only there was some other relationship on the show that did this as well), as we would quickly learn that these two were carrying on a dangerous affair. And in an interesting twist on the reality we know, Sun had ulterior motives for coming to the United States. While she was originally intending on escaping from Jin, in this universe she’s planning on escaping with him.

This episode also provided for an interesting take on Sun and Jin’s actual trip to the United States. In the island universe, Jin was delivering a watch (much like the sideways one). And in the bathroom of the airport, Jin was quite cryptically warned not to try anything funny. Just deliver the watch. Of course, that would never come to happen, as they crashed on an island. But in the sideways world, they did land. And in this world, the man Jin is delivering the watch to was also ordered to kill him. Could this have been Mr. Paik’s plan in the “real world” as well?

Oh, it was also neat seeing Mikhail again. And I just loved that his demise came with him losing his eye. Some guys just can’t catch a break. And fun fact – this may be the only circumstance in which a freighter mercenary and an Other are working together.

Alright, now to Locke and his crew. A couple of weeks ago I agreed with the notion that Widmore is likely on the Locke Ness Monster’s team, since Ben is against him, and it’s unlikely that Ben and Widmore would be working together. Now, I’m not so sure. The interaction between Widmore and the Locke Ness Monster was quite believably adversarial – to the point that I have a hard time believing that they’re in cahoots. And I’m very interested in learning why the pylons prevent Smokey from passing. Is it the sonic barrier? And what about the sonic barrier stops him?

But the big reveal was that Desmond was the person inside the locked room. I’m thrilled by this news! I was beginning to think that Desmond was the new Walt – ya’ know, a character explicitly stated as being something special, and may very well be the key to all that has gone wrong, only to be removed from the show completely due to outside forces. But, thank the Lord, that’s not the case here. Geez, how odd would it be seeing Ben, Widmore, and Desmond all working together?

What I did find interesting is the revelation that, in Sawyer’s eyes, Widmore is the lesser of two evils. Sure, he’s playing both sides, but at the end of the day he really does want Widmore to succeed in destroying Smokey.

Speaking of the Locke Ness Monster, he drops a few tidbits of information that I’m not sure I believe. He claims that Claire’s name wasn’t on the cave wall. Interesting. Can anybody verify that via screencaps? The debate about Kate’s name has been going on since that episode (I still maintain that we don’t know her name WASN’T on the wall). Right now, I’m inclined to believe that the “Kwon” refers to Jin. For one, that’s his actual name, opposed to it being Sun’s married name. Secondly, this might be the determinant when figuring out why certain characters, but not others, transported through time (of course, that would also bring up a huge discussion on Rose, Bernard, Miles, Charlotte, Faraday, Vincent the dog, Juliet, etc).

Anyway, my new prediction following this episode is that the sideways universe is what the world will become if the Smoke Monster gets off the island. Consider the promises the Locke Ness Monster has made: Claire can be with Aaron. Sayid’s love would still be alive. And because of slight changes, certain existences – like Sun and Jin’s daughter and possibly Penelope Widmore – never came to be. I’m not sure it’s “hell,” as Hurley and others have claimed, but it’s something.

Alright, I’m pretty tired. If I think of anything else, well, there’s always Revisited!

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