Dancing with the Stars – Episode 10-3 Results Recap

For those of you who missed it, the first couple safe is Buzz and Ashley so clearly I am not that good at predictions since I thought they would be the first to go.  
In stark contrast to Buzz being safe, is Pamela being in the bottom two. I need to find out the demographics of who watches this show or else I’ll continue to be off in my predictions. I should have known better because look how far Cloris got.  There must be a lot of seniorphiles watching this show.

Len reviews the performers.  He feels only two of them were disappointing. He feels Aiden improved.  He thinks Jake nailed the steps and has great potential.  Len feels Shannon came out strong but needs some finesse.  Len thought Niecy was fantastic saying “Mama, this daddy loves you”. Chad was a disappointment as his potential from last week “went down the toilet”.  Len thinks for an 80 year old Buzz did a great job dancing but it wasn’t that good. Len feels Kate is letting her nerves get the best of her. Kate seems a bit defensive in the confessional stating she messed up the steps “big deal”  because she was trying to show she was having fun. Yeah from her meltdowns in rehearsal, the only impression we should be left with is she’s barrels of fun. Dance steps, dance schmeps… who needs ‘em!  Len says, Pamela really got into character and could go quite a long way.  He thinks Erin’s movement was fluid and that Evan’s jive was great.  He says Nicole is fantastic with a lot of talent.  For the repeat performance to be danced from last night, the judges choose Nicole and Derek.

Back from the commercial, the pros dance to choreography by Stacey Walker’s and Travis Payne, who worked with Michael Jackson.  All the dancers look hot but Maks’ body doesn’t seem as tone as it used to be. Maybe it’s my eyes.  Adam Corolla is back to make fun of the dancers.  Aiden & Edyta, and Niecy & Louis are safe.

The Beach Boys perform their medley with John Stamos on drums. Next up is Len dressed as Moses for the Len Commandments. They include the commands not to kill (waste) time, that the judges should be respected, don’t borrow choreography, don’t interrupt Len, no lifts, “ keep it sparkly people” (wear rhinestones) , and honor the judges with gifts.  Len issues the challenge that next week they show a story through the dance, no gimmicks.  I wonder if the producers knew he was going to say that.  I think the gimmicks are what the audience enjoys.  Evan & Anna are safe.

After the commercial break Jake & Chelsie and Nicole & Derek are safe. No surprises there. Next is the Macy’s Stars of Dance and this is a tribute to Haiti by Haitian dancers.  I definitely shed a tear listening to one of the dancers recount the loss of his very young son. He said the only way to get back his son is to be happy, feel peace inside himself and be positive. He says this is the way for the country to be rebuilt.  He relates that dancing is an expression of hope for Haiti and dancing shows support. What an incredible attitude. The dancers dance beautifully although I just wish they weren’t dressed in black and red because I feel they were a bit washed out since the lights on the stage had a lot of red in them.

When we get back from commercial there’s a behind-the-scenes of Brooke’s schedule showing dress rehearsals and spray tanning.  I think she’s doing a great job. Erin & Maks and Chad & Cheryl are safe.

Back from break, Kate & Tony are safe.  We are down to and Shannen & Mark and Pam & Damian in the bottom two.  I guess Shannen and Pam haven’t done anything big recently to stoke the flames of their fandom. I’d rather not lose these two yet, and I am not even a fan of the Pamela’s but I do want to see good dancing…..I am talking to you Buzz! (Poor guy is doing the best he can.)  Shannen and Mark have the lowest score.  I definitely didn’t want to see her go.  I thought it would be great if she made it farther than Kelly – I mean Jennie Garth.  We find out that Mark injured his knee pulling the muscle off the bone, ouch.  If Shannen wasn’t voted off, she would have been paired up with Mark’s father, Corky.  She wouldn’t have wanted to continue without Mark.  Clips of their past are shown in a stroll down memory lane. They aren’t able to do their final dance, and the rest of the performers affectionately say goodbye.