Official Pulse Wrestling Rankings for Ring of Honor – April 2, 2010

Here is the latest update of Inside Pulse Wrestling’s OFFICIAL rankings of Ring of Honor. Rankings will be posted the first Friday of every month. Rankings are based on the Offical ROH Roster Page. Click Here for last month’s Rankings (as of March 5, 2010).

Official Pulse Wrestling Rankings for Ring of Honor

ROH World Champion – Tyler Black (since 2.13.10)
ROH TV Champion – Eddie Edwards (since 3.5.10)
1. Roderick Strong (5)
2. Kevin Steen (1)
3. Chris Hero (2)
4. Delirious (3)
5. Kenny King (4)
6. Austin Aries (6)
7. Davey Richards (8)
8. Jerry Lynn (NR)
9. Kenny Omega (NR)
10. Steve Corino (NR)

ROH Tag Team Champions – The Briscoe Brothers (since 12.19.09)
1. The Kings of Wrestling (2)
2. Colt Cabana & El Generico (4)
3. The Dark City Fight Club (3)
4. Kevin Steen & Steve Corino (NR)
5. The American Wolves (1)

Unranked Wrestlers/Personalities
– Alex Payne
– Bobby Cruise (Ring of Honor ‘HDNET’ & ‘Live Event’ Ring Announcer)
– Bobby Dempsey
– Daizee Haze
– Dave Prazak (Ring of Honor ‘HDNET’ Play-By-Play Commentator)
– Erick Stevens
– Ernesto Osiris
– Grizzly Redwood
– Giuseppe di Lorento (Ring of Honor Official Timekeeper)
– Jim Cornette (Ring of Honor’s Executive Producer)
– Joey Ryan
– MsChif
– Necro Butcher
– Prince Nana (Leader of The Embassy)
– Rasche Brown
– Rhett Titus
– Sami Callihan
– Sara Del Rey
– Shane Hagadorn (Manages Chris Hero, Davey Richards, and Eddie Edwards)
– Todd Sinclair (Ring of Honor Senior Referee)

In this monthly feature, the Inside Pulse Wrestling editorial board ranks the Heavyweights and Tag Teams in Ring of Honor. Rankings include the top ten Heavyweights, the top five Tag Teams, plus regular, unlisted competitors.

These rankings take into account (in order):

-Current title status
-Declared and presumed storyline rankings
-Recent victories and quality of opponents
-Quality of matches (psychology, workrate, and entertainment value)
-Quality of TV exposure (length, placement during show, and crowd response)

Agree? Disagree? Share your thoughts below!

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