10 Thoughts On TNA Impact – 3/22/10 and 3/29/10

Okay, well due to WrestleMania being last monday in Australia, I didn’t get a chance to watch the 3/22 episode until well after the 3/29 episode had aired in the US. So i decided to wait and post both 10 thoughts for the seperate episodes in the one post.

So, we’ll start off with the 10 thoughts on the episode that aired on 3/22.

10. The guitar smashing was great. Have to say it’s nice to see Bischoff finally get something that he deserves.

9. Great, Bischoff is firing people now. Wonder how long that’ll last for.

8. Well, congrats to TNA for actually using the Knockouts this week. And by that I mean, not just using the ones who are constantly on TV these days.

7. Abyss with the red mask reminds me far too much of masked Kane. Not sure why they’re going down that route.

6. It’s a bit enjoyable to see Flair in a wheelchair.

5. Sting is one of those workers who seems to be strong no matter what type of character he is playing. Here’s hoping he gets a decent run.

4. Not thrilled to see Pope stuffing money into peoples mouths. We all know where that gimmick started. Why can’t they just go with a gimmick without ripping off things from WWE.

3. Anything to do with the Global Championship seems to be a blink and you missed it affair. Get rid of the belt already.

2. The lineup of TNA guys backstage for Foley’s walk out of there was nice. But Foley punching Bubba the Love Sponge was just pure gold.

1. I’m left hoping that maybe, just maybe, Jarrett might get a chance now.

and we’ll move straight onto the 10 thoughts for the episode that aired on 3/29.

10. There seems to be no words to describe how much people do not want to see The Band in action.

9. Well BTLS, if you don’t NEED the job, then get the hell out already. I’m also pretty sure that most people would be much happier if he left.

8. Was a little bit worried by Jeff Hardy singing along rather badly to his own theme music. Not too sure why we needed that.

7. Again I am left asking why TNA don’t have a huge focus on the X Division. They steal the show usually and the division is unique to TNA. Wish they could also see this and change how they use the X Div guys.

6. If there is one person in TNA at the moment who could easily carry the company if he were to get the title, it’s the Pope.

5. Yes, i agree that the Orlando Jordan thing was rather weird.

4. At least the Knockouts got a decent amount of time this week. Tara and Daffney put on a great match. It worked for both their characters and their feud. Also, Daffney’s reaction to the blood at the end was pretty priceless.

3. Jarrett getting pyro and music again is great, wonder how long it’ll last. I’m assuming by next week we’ll be back to the Bischoff humiliating Jarrett angle.

2. In terms of most shocking win on Impact in a while, that award goes to Jay Lethal picking up the win against Beer Money. It definitely shocked me back to awake and aware.

1. Anderson’s shirt is a winner. Anything that makes the joke about pro wrestling being real is always amusing.

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