WWE WrestleMania 26 News – Inoki, Guerrero, Estrada

Japanese wrestlers KENTA, Gedo and Jado all attended WrestleMania with Antonio Inoki. The Japanese press got a lot of photo ops with Inoki, including him congratulating Yoshi Tatsu for winning the pre-show Battle Royal, which may explain that booking decision. There was already a major Japanese press presence in Phoenix because of Hideki Matsui, the LA Angels baseball star, playing pre-season there. Inoki also got a photo-op with Vince McMahon, who thanked Inoki for his friendship with his father. New Japan maintained a working relationship with the WWF until 1985, when McMahon started his major national expansion. New Japan booked many WWF wrestlers for tours, the funds from which helped contribute to the WWF’s growth. WWE will be doing another Japanese tour in August.

A number of wrestlers and fans paid tribute to Eddie Guerrero over the WrestleMania week. Guerrero is buried in the same Phoenix cemetery as the parents of Superstar Billy Graham. Guerrero had made his home in Phoenix after reconciling with his wife, Vickie.

Armando Estrada’s restaurant in Glendale, Baby’s Steak & Lemonade, also got a lot of business over the course of the week. Estrada, real name Hazeem Ali, said the best business lesson he learned from Vince McMahon is having the right to change your mind time and time again.

Credit: Wrestling Observer

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