Leap Frog: Math Adventure to the Moon – DVD Review

Math was never one of my better subjects. To put it completely bluntly for you: I sucked at math and always made bad grades in it. It’s not like I didn’t try, but my ability to do it just didn’t ever show through or maybe it simply wasn’t there. Kids today need to get an early start on the subjects they’ll learn in school and math may be far and away one of the most important ones. It factors into so much that mathematics is going to help them in every aspect of their lives whether people are willing to believe it or not. For adults like me that may not be the best at it though, it’s hard to prepare your kids for all the education they’re about to get thrown into. So low and behold there are great programs like Leap Frog that are there to make learning fun for the little ones and save parents some great big headaches.

Tad and Lily are a couple of little frogs that are very in to their schoolwork and only want to do the best at it. Their latest assignment is to bring ten exciting things to school for discussion, and they’ve decided on moon rocks but they’ll need a little help getting them so they join up with a firefly named Edition. Now they’re all set to get their moon rocks but retrieving them is proving to be more difficult than they imagined. Hoping to find a way to the moon, they journey down the learning path and set a course for outer space. Along the way they meet up with very interesting friends and also learn how to count to ten so that they don’t get too many or too few moon rocks. It’s a learning adventure that will have them all ready for math and other subjects when they’re done.

One thing I can tell you is that if there had been more releases like this during my childhood then it’s certain my math scores would have been higher. Leap Frog knows how to do it right when it comes to making learning fun and children are certainly going to eat this up. Not only are the characters easy to identify with because they themselves are children, but they’re cute and easy to get used to very quickly. Math Adventures to the Moon makes it so the kids don’t even realize they’re learning because it’s a lot more involved then just simple math and counting. This particular DVD teaches children how to count down, skip-counting, sorting by numbers, patterns, and even a few simplistic algebra equations.

All of that may seem overwhelming, but believe me it truly isn’t. Tad and Lily bring all of the fun with wonderful, catchy songs that will have your kids singing along in no time. The more songs they learn, the more mathematic concepts they’ll acquire as well because they’re all incorporated into the lyrics. Children that are about to start or are just starting school should be exposed to these DVDs because nothing can come from them but some entertainment and preparation for what lies ahead. I’m kind of disappointed though at the overall length of this feature because it is just at a half an hour. Yes, a lot is taught and explained throughout that time but just doubling the length would have made it so much more appealing for young viewers and parents hoping to keep their kids occupied with educational matters.

All of the learning is shown in 1.33:1 Full Screen format and it’s rather simple animation but it looks good and does the job.

The math adventures are presented in Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo Sound which is perfect for the show itself because kids will be able to hear everything clearly and listen to the music coming through without any problems.

The Sorting Game – Easy enough. Kids are given shapes and told to fit them into specific areas and match them up.

Sing-Along Songs – Four songs are available with follow-along lyrics on screen.

Alphabet Song From “Let’s Go To School” – A song from one of the other Leap Frog releases that will surely get children excited.

My score would have been much higher as this DVD is very good and highly educational, but it’s just far too short. Leap Frog really needs to look into lengthening their cartoons or putting a few of them together on each disc in some sort of package deal. Being so short also hates the replayability factor since it’s hard to get excited over something that repeats every half hour. The special features are ok but seem rather simplistic when compared to the body of the main feature. Leap Frog has their head in the game and knows how to do things right, but they’ve got to fix a few “bugs” before generating enough interest for multiple DVDs that aren’t long enough.

Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land, now there was some quality (and creepy) educational content.

Lionsgate presents Leap Frog Math Adventure To The Moon. Directed by: Bob Nesler. Starring (the vocal talents of): Jessica Straus, Dorothy Elias-Fahn, Robert Mark Klein, and more. Written by: Mark Young. Running time: 36 minutes. Rating: Not Rated. Released on DVD: February 23, 2010. Available at Amazon.com