Glee 2010 Spoilers: Glee Cast On Oprah Recap

It was the Oprah episode that received the most hype since the Ellen Degeneres episode.

And it didn’t disappoint.

The Glee kids joined the daytime diva and chatted about the return of the series next week and here’s a rundown of what went down:

A live show choir was in attendance and Oprah appeared completely freaked out by the Glee fans in attendance. The cast then performed “Somebody To Love” on stage.

Oprah says that Jane Lynch will do a satellite interview later in the show and when she does, she says that her “target demo is like 16-year-old boys. They didn’t like me when I was 16.” She goes on to discuss how she is often approached at coffee shops.

Footage is shown of Oprah on the Glee set.

Show creator Ryan Murphey says “when you get older, you find out that the difference in you is the best thing.”

Matthew Morrison brings out Harry Shum Jr (aka “Other Asian”) and they start dancing.

The cast surprise the John Burroughts High School show choir during a rehearsal.

Oprah gives the choir a new piano.

The cast sign a pledge to never text while driving.

Great show!