10 Thoughts On TNA Impact – 4/5/10

Well, another week of TNA, and a week where the product was slightly easier to watch. If I’d done 10 thoughts on the actual wrestling and matches, this would be pretty positive. But it’s not as much fun to write. So, onto this week’s thoughts.

10. So, Lacey von Erich WANTS to “parade around in her bra and panties”. Does the woman have any respect for herself or for women’s wrestling?

9. It does feel a little like every time something goes wrong, Jeff Hardy’s music hits. I’m not complaining as such, but it just getting predictable.

8. It was actually a relief to see some different Knockouts. Somehow it feels like forever since we’ve had a bit of ODB.

7. The unprotected chair shot was pretty insane.

6. “Hey, props people, we need something to hang above the ring for the ladder match”. “Oh, I have a bit of wood that we can scrawl cage key on, will that work?”. “Of course, sounds great”. Yeah, it didn’t look so great.

5. The crowd basically died when The Band showed up. Take it as a sign TNA.

4. And on the topic of The Band, can we stop copying things from WWE. I somehow feel like we’ve seen “rebels” spray paint things before.

3. AJ Styles in regular looking clothing, jeans and a t-shirt, is a very welcome change. Unfortunate that it isn’t permanent.

2. That last segment with the Knockouts, it was pretty painful to watch. Though Velvet Sky screaming excitedly “I’m not stripping” was amusing. Has she seen her ring entrance lately? She’s basically stripping.

1. Have to admit that TNA did a good job this week, probably because the show was more wrestling heavy and contained less talking than usual.

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