Logan Lerman to swing as Spider-Man (Or Maybe Not)

When it comes to replacing Tobey Maguire in the recently announced Spider-Man reboot, there have been quite a few names tossed into the hat from all corners of the Internet.

The names banded about have included up-and-coming stars such as Anton Yelchin (who, last week, was attached to star in a Fright Night remake) and Jesse Eisenberg — but one actor stood slightly above the rest if only because he claimed to have had preliminary talks with producers about the role.

During the press circuit for Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightning Thief, star Logan Lerman admitted that he had had preliminary talks about taking on the role of Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man.

Now, Drew McWeeny at Hitfix.com claims that Lerman is the studios’ top choice to play the superhero. On Saturday, McWeeny posted a report stating that Lerman was “almost 100% locked” in for director Marc Webb’s Spider-Man movie — which would see the web-head back in high school.

The story doesn’t end there, though. On Sunday, Michael Fleming at Deadline Hollywood ran a story claiming Sony insiders have issued a statement saying that not only was Lerman as Spider-Man not a lock, the young actor wasn’t even on the short-list of those being considered.

The Buzz: As news continues to develop about whether or not Lerman will put on the spandex, I think we should concentrate on another, more important things, issue — namely the title. It’s getting a bit cumbersome to keep trotting out the words “reboot” or “remake” whenever talking about the new Spider-Man movie. Let’s get an official title for the flick — and please, let it not be Spider-Man Begins or, even worse, Spider-M4n.

My hope is that producers will turn to the world of comics when it comes to naming the new Spider-Man movie. Let’s see a film called The Amazing Spider-Man or The Spectacular Spider-Man. Even Web of Spider-Man would be pretty catchy. And even though the new film is supposedly based on the Ultimate Spider-Man series, I’d rather not see that moniker also appear as the film’s title. There’s just something about ostentatious about calling your movie ultimate anything.

Sound off: Who do you want to see take on the role of Spider-Man? Who do you not want even considered? What do you want the movie called? Let your voices be heard.

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