Guns 'N Roses Cancel Costa Rica Concert Date; Rumors Run Rampant


The rumors are flying about why Guns ‘N Roses cancelled a Costa Rican concert date only hours before showtime.

The concert programmed originally for Friday, April 9, at the Ricardo Saprissa stadium was cancelled only hours before the 8pm start. 28 Producciones announced early Friday afternoon that problems with the stage forced the show to be cancelled and promised ticket-holders that the show would take place the following day or at the latest on Tuesday in Alajuela.

There are conflicting reports as to why the Friday show was cancelled.

At first it was said that the heavy rains of the preceding days and strong winds caused the stage problems. Another report indicated that the stage buckled under the weight of the giant television screen used by the band.

However, on Monday night, Juan Carlos Campos, director of 28 Producciones, on the Telenoticias news show said the cancellation was due to a “technical disagreement with the producer of the band”.


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