10 Thoughts on Smackdown for 04.16.2010: Chris Jericho, Edge, The Hart Dynasty & More

1. Why does Edge get to have a chance at the World Heavyweight Championship? He lost it once and hasn’t done anything else to get another chance. Go away please and come back when you have a reason to.

2. It never ceases to amaze me how WWE doesn’t give a dam about a tag team but all of a sudden expects us to care when they split up and feud. Why would we care? We have never been given a reason to care.

3. I wish Drew McIntyre would change his titantron, the part where he turns round makes him look like a creepy old man. Bad photoshopping on WWE’s part.

4. The hanging suplex/springboard spot with the Hart Dynasty and Rey Mysterio spot during the 3 man tag team was one of the best moves I have seen this year.. WOW.

5. I loved how The Miz was wearing his Blue Peter badge when he was doing commentary this week. Props for mentioning it gets you free into museums and amusement parks, I wish I could have one but I’m not nice enough.

6. However, I died a little inside when he said Davey Boy Smith was from London when he is actually from Manchester – 200 miles away!

7. Honestly JTG, what is with the hair?

8. Darren Young’s likeness to John Cena scares me. I would love to see the NXT rookie complete with bald head bump into Cena and be like “omg we look the exact same, and the crowd both don’t give a damn about us – lets swap places.”

9. Now Big Zeke is out for up to six months – are they going to try and get Shad to take his place as a big domineering force? He even makes the same Ahmed Johnson style battle cries Ezekiel did.

10. CM PUNK BEARD WATCH – looks like he gave it a good deep conditioning and a trim this week.

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