Pulse Wrestling’s TNA Lockdown 2010 Report featuring Hulk Hogan, AJ Styles, Ric Flair, Jeff Hardy & RVD

Pulse Wrestling’s TNA No Surrender Report
Live from St. Louis
Announcers: Taz & Mike Tenay
Report EXCLUSIVELY for Pulse Wrestling by: PK

Rob Van Dam vs. James Storm – Winner Gains the Advantage for his Team in Lethal Lockdown
RVD drop kicks the cage down in Storm’s face to start, and they fight around the cage to begin. Storm takes over, slamming RVD into the outside of the cage. Storm tosses RVD into the cage, and the bell finally rings. RVD is already bloody. RVD takes over in the ring, crotches Storm on the top rope, and then hits the straight kick off the top rope, with Storms head against the cage. RVD charges Storm in the corner, but Storm moves, and RVD is crotch first inbetween the turnbuckles, and Storm hits him with a neckbreaker. Storm with a beer bottle, spits beer in RVD’s face, and hits a DDT for 2. Storm is lined up for the Last Call Superkick, but RVD ducks it, and lays out Storm, and follows it with a 5 Star for the pin.
Winner – RVD

Hogan backstage says that if Team Hogan doesn’t win tonight, he will leave TNA. When Christy asked where Bischoff is, Hogan says that he has too much to worry about without worrying about Bischoff.

Homicide vs. Brian Kendrick vs. Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin – Winner Joins X-Division Title Match
Douglas Williams has to forfeit the title match tonight, because of travel issues from Europe with the volcano, so the winner if this match will be in the X-Division Title Match. Guns team up on Homicide to start, but it seems like Homicide & Kendrick are joining forces. Homicide quickly climbs the cage while Kendrick is distracted. Kendrick follows him up the cage, but he is not in time, as Homicide hits the floor.
Winner – Homicide

They then recap all the Nash/Young stuff.

Kevin Nash vs. Eric Young
They mention that Syxx-Pac is not there, and that Hall gets to pick his partner. Nash makes about 3 minutes work of EY, as he drops him in a Jackknife very quickly for the pin.
Winner – Nash

Nash on the mic says that he will be Hall’s partner tonight.

The Beautiful People vs. Angelina Love & Tara – Winner Take All
Love & Velvet start, but Rayne is quickly tagged in. Tara gets a tag, but both Rayne & Velvet double team her. Tara is able to layout Rayne, and goes for a top rope moonsault, but misses. Rayne in, and Tara hits here the Widow’s Peak, but the ref is distracted by Velvet. Tara hits the ropes, but Lacy hits her in the back of the head (through the cage?) with a title belt, and Rayne rolls up Tara for the pin.
Winner and New Knockouts Champion – Madison Rayne

Team Flair with AJ Styles, and Flair cuts a crazy man promo on how he will run Hogan out of TNA. Styles says that he isn’t sweating Pope.

Homicide vs. Kazarian vs. Shannon Moore – X-Division Championship
Moore & Kaz double team Homicide to start. Kaz tries to score a pin, but Moore breaks it up. They then put Homicide up on the turnbuckle, and looking to hit a double SUPERplex, but Homicide fends them off, and hits a SUPERGringo Cutter on both! He only gets a 2 count on both. Kaz & Moore are on adjacent turnbuckles, and they walk the top rope to meet each other half way. Moore kicks Kaz’s feet out from underneath him, then hits a moonsault on Homicide, but only gets 2! Homicide goes for the Gringo Killer, but Kaz breaks it up, then hits Homicide with a Backside Piledriver for the pin.
Winner and NEW X-Division Champion – Kazarian

Christy with The Pope. He cuts a promo on AJ.

Team 3D comes down to the ring, and he says that they will keep the cage door open, and it will be a St. Louis Street Fight with The Band.

Team 3D vs. The Band – St. Louis Street Fight
As The Band makes their way to the ring, 3D runs up the ramp & jumps them. They fight through the crowd, just like every Team 3D PPV match. Band takes control, and they toss Devon back in the ring, and Nash closes the door behind him, trying to lock out Bubba. Bubba eventually makes his way into the ring, and he helps Devon. Bubba calls for the tables, and Devon gets one in the ring, they set it up, and they hit Hall with the 3D through the table for the pin.
Winners – Team 3D

Recap of Anderson/Angle.

Mr. Anderson vs. Kurt Angle
Anderson has a key to the cage door, since he won the ladder match a few weeks ago on Impact. Anderson is wearing it around his neck. They face off, and Anderson quickly lays out Angle, and tries to unlock the cage door, but Angle breaks it up, and the key is stuck in the padlock. Angle sees it in the lock, but leaves it be, as he wants to inflect some punishment on Anderson. Anderson reverses Angle, laying him out, then hitting a running leg drop. Anderson goes for the padlock, but Angle breaks it up, slamming Anderson’s head to the cage. Angle then tries to unlock the padlock, but Anderson breaks it up, lifts Angle on his shoulders and hits a Rolling Slam, and then hits the Mic Check. Anderson unlocks the cage door, but Angle gets him back in the ring, and hits him with 6 consecutive German Suplexes. Angle looks to be leaving, but he pulls the door shut, and locks it back up, takes the key and tosses it away. Anderson tries to climb out the top of the cage, but Angle grabs him on the top rope, then hits a German SUPERPLEX! Angle then climbs up for a moonsault…stalls, then climbs to the top of the cage…SUPER MOONSAULT!! Angle has a key, and goes to leave, but Anderson gets on his knees and flips him off. Angle gets back in the and Anderson hits a stiff looking Mic Check. Anderson starts to crawl out of the ring, but Angle catches him with his foot, and pulls him back in with an Ankle Lock. Anderson starts tapping out, but of course that won’t work. Anderson rolls through, and Angle smashes into the cage. Anderson goes to leave again, but Angle pulls the Warrior Medal out, and chokes Anderson out with it! Angle then walks right out of the ring, for the win.
Winner – Kurt Angle

Angle gets a mic on the stage and says that he is going to heal some wounds, but when he comes back, he’s whole focus will be the TNA Championship.

Recap of The Pope winning the Eight Hard Stud Tournament, and the lead up to the match with AJ Styles.

AJ Styles (c) vs. ‘The Pope’ D’Angelo Dinero – TNA Heavyweight Championship
As AJ & Flair are heading to the ring, the ref sends Flair back. Flair does not like this, and shoves the ref, the ref shoves back, and Flair eventually goes to the back. Back and forth to start the match, and the crowd seems pretty split too. Styles controls the majority of the match, and goes to the top of the cage, but misses a leap off the top! Pope hits a DDE, Codebreaker style! Styles kicks out! Pope stacks Styles in the corner, and he goes for the actual DDE, but Styles moves. Styles reaches through the hole in the cage at the camera man, and pulls a pen from his shirt pocket, and when Pope tries to pick up AJ, AJ stabs him in the forehead. AJ then nails the Styles Clash for the pin.
Winner and Still Champion – AJ Styles

Borash tries to catch up with Bischoff as he is just arriving to the building, but Bischoff blows him off, and keeps walking

Quick Recap of Lethal Lockdown Rules:
-One member of each team starts
-After 5 Minutes, the team with the ‘Man Advantage’ (Team Hogan) will get a 2nd member in the match
-Each 2 minute interval after that, there will be another entrant in the match, alternating teams.
-After all the men are in the ring, the top of the cage will come down, sealing the cage shut.

Team Hogan (Abyss, Jeff Hardy, RVD & Jeff Jarrett) vs. Team Flair (Sting, Desmond Wolfe & Beer Money Inc)
Roode & Abyss start the match, with just some back and forth action. RVD is the next man in, and he & Abyss get to double team Roode for a while, but then Wolfe makes his way down. Jarrett is the next man out for Team Hogan, and he is followed by James Storm. When Jeff Hardy’s music hits so that he can become the 4th man for Team Hogan, he doesn’t come out. They pan backstage, and Sting has laid out Hardy with his bat. Sting then makes his way to the ring, and the top of the cage lowers down. Team Flair is dominating. JJ is standing in front of the door, and Beer Money slams him though the door to the floor. Beer Money then beat down JJ on the floor, and Hardy finally makes his way down, he fights off Beer Money with a Kendo Stick, then climbs the cage to the top! When he gets up there, we see that there is a table & a ladder. In the ring, Abyss lays out some thumbtacks, and his Abyss with a chokeslam in them! On the cage, Hardy hits Roode with a Twist of Fate, then lays Storm out on a table, climbs the ladder and splashes through Storm and the table. Back in the ring, Flair runs out and starts to beat down RVD, JJ & Abyss, but Hogan is out soon after that. Hogan then corners Flair with a pipe, but Bischoff comes down. Bischoff stays inbetween the 2, and pulls out a pair of brass knucks. Flair is excited to see them, but Bischoff fakes tossing to Flair, then tosses to Hogan. Hogan hits Flair, who then bumps on the tacks. Randomly, Abyss hits Wolfe with a Black Hole Slam, and scores the pin after all that nonsense.
Winners – Team Hogan

Show Over.


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