10 Thoughts On TNA Impact for 04.12.2010: Hulk Hogan, Sting and more

So, another week of TNA has been and gone. Which means that the US will have a new episode soon, and I’ll have access to recaps and spoilers to get me through until Saturday to see the aftermath of Lockdown. And I’m just going to jump straight into things.

10. You have to love that all it takes for Sting to recover from anything is someone switching the lights on and off.

9. So, 6 wrestlers in the ring. Only one really should have actually been in a wrestling ring at all. That isn’t a good ratio.

8. I was pretty entertained by how strange Nash’s hair looked this week. It was like, overly fluffy or something.

7. When Velvet Sky pulls out outfits like the one she was in, I have to stop and wonder, a) how she manages to move, and b) how she doesn’t have numerous wardrobe malfunctions.

6. I’m really not enjoying the Hogan era in relation to the Knockouts. It seems that the ones who wear the least clothing seem to get the most regular slots on Impact. Not all of their fans are teenage boys.

5. Teaming Matt Morgan up with Amazing Red somehow felt like TNA were testing the waters with their own version of JeriShow. If Morgan hadn’t beaten Red up after the match it could have been an interesting team to watch in future episodes.

4. And I’m sure I’ve said it before, but Amazing Red is just truly amazing to watch.

3. I’m wondering why they even tried the fireball stunt when it wasn’t going to be suitable to include in their broadcast. It sort of reeks of “this is something else WWE wouldn’t do”.

2. Still not feeling Jeff Hardy’s music. I’m hoping it’ll grow on me.

1. I spoke too soon, wrote down a comment about it being comforting to see Flair in the wheelchair because it meant that he isn’t in-ring and wrestling. Then he jumped out of the chair and started in on the Pope. Lesson learned, don’t expect Flair to last more than a few weeks without getting physically involved in something.

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