Eddie Arizmendi Jr: A Mixed Martial Artist Destined For The Top


Every now and then, an MMA enthusiast has the pleasure of taking in the roots of a mixed martial arts career at the regional level. 

Once in a while, the fan is fortunate enough to gaze upon the foundation of an elite journey as the first steps of what will be an illustrious career are taken.
Mixed martial arts fans in Tucson, Ariz., have been fortunate to be in those shoes.  Fight fans in The Old Pueblo will be quick to talk about a man they call “Crazy Face” when asked who their favorite local fighter is. 

Mr. Eddie Arizmendi Jr. has captivated an entire demographic of fans with his exciting and successful style of war.

This man has been involved in some of the best fights people have seen at the local level, and the people love and appreciate Eddie Arizmendi for it.

At the highest levels of the sport, a pound-for-pound champion’s drive and motivation may be questionable. Locally, however, fans will never have to wonder if their man Arizmendi will disappoint when the cage doors close.
Motivated by his self-proclaimed anger, driven with an elite talent, trained by a top shelf camp in Apex MMA, and backed by a man who will do anything to see him succeed in Sky Andren of the Fight Legion, Arizmendi is the total package. 

The first steps have been taken and Arizmendi has made all the right moves to become the fighter he is today.
With that in mind, the bittersweet symphony that is MMA deems it necessary for this man’s time as a local favorite to come to an end. 

Every time he fights, it becomes more apparent that his days as a localized hero are numbered.  Quite simply, this man has outgrown that which has made him a hometown favorite. 

Bottom line is, there is nowhere for Arizmendi to go from here but up, and when we say up, we mean straight to the top. 

Time is the only thing standing in his way; the talent is there, the drive is there, now it’s just a matter of which organization is fortunate enough to recognize it before someone else does.
What is in store for the promotion that seizes the moment with Arizmendi? A fighter who knows his strengths and acts on them. 

Arizmendi is a finisher.  The man carries a record of 12-4 with four T/KO wins, and six submissions.

For those of you without a calculator, that is an 83 percent finish ratio.  That puts a little perspective on why he is so beloved in the Tucson area; his fans love his style.
His last two fights have been a stark contrast to one another as his most recent took him less than one minute to snatch a filthy armbar and the other went to a three-round decision. 

In that broad spectrum of winning style, he showcased the ability to go into deep water and emerge victorious and also seize the moment when an opportunity presented itself for him to end a fight.  He can do it all, and often does.
He is the current Rage in The Cage middleweight champ, but most recently took a fight at 210 pounds on short notice just to get back in the cage. 

This tells a lot about his diversity as a fighter and his willingness to take risks to earn his way in this sport.  All while kicking ass and taking names in the process. 
Sponsors are chomping at the bit to get a hold of this guy as is apparent by high profile tags such as MMA Overload and Full Tilt Poker. 

Their recognition of Arizmendi’s pulling power and ability to shine is indicative of his talent level.  That talent is honed and sharpened in one of Tucson’s premier fight camps known as Apex MMA. 

There, in that gym, is where “Crazy Face” puts in his work with some of the best fighters around, like his coach, Joey “Boom Boom” Rivera.
All in all, there really is not enough good that can be said about this young fighter.  It is with that in mind that it is hard to believe that he is still fighting for regional promotions like Rage In The Cage. 

While Mr. Sarria’s promotion is top shelf in local circles, Arizmendi has far exceeded that bar that fighters in the area have set.  To put it bluntly, Arizmendi is on another level and it’s amazing he has not been snatched up by a more elite organization as of yet.
His gift of razor-sharp precision striking, lethal submissions, a modest personality, and big heart are all the right ingredients for success on any level. 

It is only a matter of time before local fight enthusiasts in the Tucson area must say goodbye to Arizmendi as their local favorite. 

The flip side of that coin though is the pride they will feel when they see him standing across the cage from world class fighters in one of their favorite big-time promotions.
His time is coming, keep your eyes peeled for this kid because once you see him fight, you will not forget his name.

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