One Year in Knoxville – April 18, 1992

Bob Caudle welcomed us to the show as we saw Rip Rogers already in the ring. Dutch Mantell and Carl Styles were with him. Caudle told us that today we’d be seeing Rock n Roll Robert Gibson, Buddy Landel would debut, we’d hear from Bob Armstrong regarding Paul Orndorff’s piledriver rampage from last week, and we’d also get an update on Hector Guerrero’s condition. We’d also see Carl Styles battle Dixie Dynomite in a wild card match for possible entry into the heavyweight title tournament.

We headed to the ring, where Rip Rogers was posing for the fans. Robert Gibson soon made his way out.

Gibson got the crowd going and the two locked up. They battled back into the ropes and Rogers claimed a hair pull after the break.

The two locked up again and Rogers traded an arm wringer with Gibson. Gibson charged across the ring and shoulder blocked Rogers down, then hip tossed him. Rogers pulled Gibson down and rolled him onto his shoulders for a quick two count. Rogers tried again and got the same result. Gibson went to a headlock that Rogers escaped with a whip. Gibson shoulder blocked him down and took him down again before going to a headlock.

Gibson and Rogers traded pinfall attempts and Rogers wound up shoulder blocked down twice. Rogers was hip tossed down and locked in a head scissors on Gibson. Gibson got free and went back to a headlock. Rogers and Gibson crisscrossed the ring until Gibson caught Rogers with another hiptoss.

Gibson took Rogers back down and started working the headlock again. Rip landed a punch and got whipped into the corner before taking a backdrop. Gibson covered again and got another two.

Gibson went back to a standing headlock as Rogers tried to pull his hair. Rogers backed Gibson into the corner and planted a shoulder in his midsection. Rogers was whipped into the far corner, then caught Gibson coming in with a boot to the face and followed up with a clothesline that flattened Gibson.

Rogers picked Gibson up and nailed a head butt. Rogers stomped Gibson’s lower abdomen and covered for another two. Gibson fought back and bounced Rogers’s head off the top turnbuckle ten times. Gibson took a knee to the gut and Rogers hit a DDT. Rogers covered for a two and started arguing with the ref, which let Gibson hit a bulldog for the win.

After the break, Caudle introduced video of Orndorff’s rampage the previous week. We saw Orndorff’s interview where he expressed his rage at being given a wild card chance to enter the heavyweight tournament.

We then jumped ahead to the match itself. Hector hit a flying cross body that Orndorff rolled through for the win (with a handful of tights). We saw Hector telling the ref of Orndorff’s cheating ways and Orndorff punched Hector from the back, then put him down with a piledriver. He followed up by piledriving three other men who came out to help Hector. Orndorff left the ring and retrieved a steel chair. He picked up Hector and hit another piledriver on the chair.

We came back to find Hector in a neck brace. Hector talked about how he’d tried to wrestle Orndorff fairly only for Orndorff to attack him. Hector promised he’d be back, and his first target would be Orndorff.

Caudle was then joined by Orndorff for a word. Orndorff told Hector that if he couldn’t handle the heat of professional wrestling, then he should get out of the kitchen. Orndorff said that if he needed it, he’d use the piledriver. Orndorff expressed his disgust at having the move banned and Bob Armstrong came out.

Armstrong told Orndorff that he was disgusted by his actions and he refused to ever legalize the piledriver because he’d once seen a man paralyzed with a piledriver. Armstrong followed up by fining Orndorff $2,500, and promised to issue an equal fine every time Orndorff used the piledriver.

We came back from commercial to find Davey Rich set to face Orndorff. The two locked up and Rich got a headlock, then shoulder blocked Orndorff down. The two locked up again and Orndorff backed Rich into the corner, then started throwing forearms and stomping away.

Rich stood and reversed a whip, then hit an arm drag and a dropkick that sent Orndorff to the floor to regroup. Orndorff paced as the crowd chanted “Paula” at him. Orndorff returned to the ring and locked up again. Orndorff took Rich down with a drop toe hold that Rich escaped and locked in a hammerlock.

Orndorff stood and Rich switched to an arm wringer. Orndorff kicked his way free and Rich hit a body slam before following with an arm drag takedown. Rich then went back to an armbar.

Orndorff fought back to his feet and missed a clothesline, then Rich hit a cross body for a two. Rich followed with an arm drag and another armbar.

Orndorff whipped Rich and fell victim to a shoulder block. Orndorff then caught Rich charging in and threw him out of the ring. Orndorff climbed out of the ring and dropped Rich onto the safety rail.

Orndorff kicked Rich off the apron as he tried to climb back in. Orndorff then threw Rich back in and went for a double axe handle that Rich blocked. Rich punched away and covered for a two. Rich slammed Orndorff and then Orndorff turned him inside out with a clothesline.

Orndorff then played to the crowd and called for a piledriver. Referee Mark Curtis warned him and Orndorff simply covered for the win.

We then went to Caudle, who was joined by Ron Wright. Caudle brought up the Dirty White Boy and Wright talked about how DWB was training in street fighting. We then went to a tape of DWB wrestling.

DWB lifted up his opponent and slammed him down, then choke slammed him down with the Buck Snort Blaster for the win.

Wright expressed his pleasure at the DWB’s progress and pointed out that the fans had insulted him by skimping on their donations. Wright promised to unleash the DWB during the heavyweight tournament and we headed to commercial.

We came back to find Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies with Caudle. We went to a tape where Danny Davis and Joey Maggs admitted that they were underdogs, but they knew they’d do their best and would wind up winning the belts.

Cornette put over the Bodies as the hottest thing going and promised that the Bodies would take both Maggs and Davis out next week.

Stan Lane then claimed that the female fans had been sexually harassing them since they’d arrived. Lane ordered the women to keep their hands to themselves under penalty of law. Cornette agreed that they’d press charges and then they’d press their way to the tag team titles.

We came back from commercial to find Reno Riggins in the ring. “I’m Too Sexy” began playing and out came the debuting Nature Boy Buddy Landel.

Landel headed off his robe and the two locked up as Caudle announced that Landel was in the tournament. Landel slapped Reno and Riggins fired back before hitting a back springboard elbow in the corner. Landel begged off as Reno played to the crowd.

Another lockup saw Landel go down to a hiptoss. Landel informed the ref that he’d had his hair pulled. They locked up again and Landel went for a slam only to wind up getting clotheslined out of the ring.

Reno vaulted over the top rope and wound up thrown into the ringpost by Landel. Landel chopped Riggins and then landed a punch or two. Landel threw him back in and kicked and stomped Reno. Landel clawed at Reno’s eyes and kicked him again.

Landel took Reno down (with a handful of hair) and started working the arm. Landel then took Reno to the corner and started chopping and punching. Reno reversed and sent Landel across the ring, then hit a hiptoss. Landel dodged a dropkick and returned to the armbar.

Landel distracted referee Mark Curtis and started grabbing the rope for added leverage. Curtis ordered a break and Landel stomped Reno’s neck. Landel then headed up top and got slammed off by Reno. Landel backed into the corner and Riggins mounted him for the ten punch only for Landel to counter with an atomic drop.

Landel slammed Reno down and dropped an elbow. Landel locked in a figure four and played to the camera as Reno submitted.

We then returned to commentary where Landel joined Caudle for a word. Caudle brought up how Landel was already entered into the tournament. Landel claimed that nobody wanted to wrestle him but at Volunteer Slam he’d be leaving with the title.

We returned from commercial to see the current standings of the heavyweight tournament. We had started with seven wild card competitors (with Landel receiving a bye to the tournament itself). Brian Lee had defeated Dutch Mantell to earn his spot in the tournament and the man he’d be facing next, Paul Orndorff, had defeated Hector Guerrero last week. The final wild card match would pit Dixie Dynomite against Carl Styles to determine who Buddy Landel’s opponent would be.

Carl Styles was already in the ring as Dixie Dynomite made his way out.

The two locked up and Styles hit a knee to the gut and then a punch. Styles sent Dixie into the corner and then Dixie hit a hiptoss and a body slam that sent Styles scurrying out of the ring.

Styles returned to the ring and started shoving Dixie. Dixie slammed Styles and did so a second time, then covered for a one count. Dixie headed up top and hit an elbow to the head, then locked in a headlock as Mantell berated Styles on commentary.

Styles got free and started clubbing Dixie (to Dutch’s pleasure). Dixie dodged a clothesline and hit a cross body for a two. Styles started clubbing away again and dodged a dropkick.

Styles picked Dixie up and bit him before slamming him into the mat. Styles hit a backbreaker and covered for a one count.

Dixie leapfrogged Styles and hit a dropkick before punching him into the corner. Dixie sent Styles across the ring and followed up with a clothesline. Dixie climbed the ropes and hit eight punches as Dutch headed to the ring to encourage Styles.

Styles slammed Dixie and Dutch climbed onto the apron to shout instructions. Dixie hit a super kick and covered for the win.

We went back to commentary to find Mantell berating Styles. Mantell called Styles an idiot as we headed to commercial.

We came back to hear next week’s main event – the Heavenly Bodies vs. Davis and Maggs. With that, Caudle said goodbye for another week.

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