Tomasz Adamek vs. Chris Arreola Preview & Picks


Tomasz Adamek continues his ascent up the heavyweight ranks this Saturday when he takes on Chris Arreola in Ontario, California. The fight will headline an HBO Boxing After Dark card that also features Alfredo Angulo vs. Joel Julio. Fight time on HBO will be 11:15 pm ET on Saturday night.

Tomasz Adamek vs. Chris Arreola
Money Line: Adamek -105; Arreola -125

Tomasz Adamek, 40-1 (27 KOs), is a former light heavyweight and cruiserweight world champion. He has won his only two fights since moving up to the heavyweight division last year. Those wins were against a 41-year-old Andrew Golota and 2004 US Olympian Jason Estrada. Estrada was a truer heavyweight test for Adamek, but Arreola will be the first heavyweight that Adamek faces that hits like a heavyweight. Speed and boxing will be the name of the game for Adamek if he wants to continue his ascent in the heavyweight ranks. Adamek has been dropped before so a strong devotion to avoidance would be in Adamek’s best interest. One mental lapse or one careless mistake could spell the end of the night for Goral.

Chris Arreola, 28-1 (25 KOs), became perhaps the most likable heavyweight after his outpouring of emotions after his loss to Vitali Klitschko in September of last year. Arreola promised to become a more committed fighter, something that rarely shows in his doughy physique. Despite making that claim, Arreola showed up to his next bout in December against Brian Minto 12 pounds heavier than he did for the Klitschko fight. The 263-pound weigh-in was also the heaviest of his career. Arreola is a brawler with quick hands. He can take a punch just as well as he dishes them out. Arreola will have 36 minutes to try and corner Adamek and lay his hands on him. Arreola shouldn’t have to worry about Adamek’s power so he should be full steam ahead.

Staff Predictions

Corey: Encouraged by his knockout win over the much smaller Brian Minto, Chris Arreola is more than likely going to show up for the second biggest fight of his career out of shape once again. Adamek would love a stationary target to tee off on, and that will be the game plan as he circles Arreola and sticks hard jabs to the body in the early going when Chris is most dangerous. As the steam starts to come off the big man’s shots, Adamek will launch the combinations and seal a clear decision win down the stretch but not before giving the fans some exciting exchanges in the middle rounds. If Vitali Klitschko couldn’t knock Arreola out clean, don’t expect Adamek to stop him. Adamek wins on points, 117-111.

Trent: There are really only two options here: Arreola by KO or Adamek by decision. Not only does Arreola look like Bald Bull from Mike Tyson’s Punchout, but he will recklessly charge in a similar manner. If he connects, then it is lights out. But if Adamek stays focused and times Arreola correctly, he will runaway with the fight on points. There has never been any reason to doubt Adamek’s head and focus to this point so I’m going with the Polish prince in this one. As long as he can stay away from Arreola, Adamek will set himself up for a big heavyweight showdown. The rounds may start to look like repeats of each other after a while. I don’t see Arreola winning many rounds. If he’s winning rounds then he’s landing punches. If he’s landing punches then Adamek won’t be standing. I’ll say Adamek takes one round off and the score will be 119-109.