Iron Man 2 Clip – Battle of the Comeback Kids

The moment is fast approaching. 2010’s Summer blockbusters are almost here. The season kicks off with the sequel to 2008’s breakout hit of the summer – before The Dark Knight and his gravelly voice spoiled the fun – Iron Man. Iron Man 2 has heightened expectations because the first one was such a hit. And from the looks of things, expect this to be bigger in action and special effects, and the addition of Scarlett Johansson will up the sex appeal. For those who don’t like to be spoiled, I would advise to not watch the clip below that sees Robert Downey Jr. facing off against his latest nemesis Whiplash, played by Mickey Rourke. Both have had a career resurgence in recent years, with Downey coming into his own as Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) and Mickey Rourke being nominated for his performance in The Wrestler.

Sound off: For those who watched the clip, are you convinced that Iron Man 2 can deliver the goods when it opens on May 7th?

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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