Pulse Wrestling’s WWE Extreme Rules 2010 Report (John Cena, Batista, Jack Swagger, Randy Orton, And More!)

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Pulse Wrestling’s WWE Extreme Rules Report
Live from Baltimore
Announcers: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, & Matt Striker
Report EXCLUSIVELY for Pulse Wrestling by: PK

Triple H vs. Sheamus – Street Fight
HHH’s music plays, but he does not make his entrance. They cut backstage, and Sheamus attacked him backstage. Refs come in the break it up, but Sheamus nails HHH in the head with lead pipe. Refs keep Sheamus back, and they call for a trainer, so it looks like this match is not happening right now.

Back in the arena, ShoMiz’s music plays. Miz talks about how Bret Hart will show up on Raw tomorrow night. He then goes on to talk about how ShoMiz is the greatest team of all time. Teddy Long comes out, and says that he has a team ready to go, and if they beat ShoMiz tonight, they will earn a Tag Team Title shot. Miz keeps talking, so Long says he has 2 teams that will now challenge. Miz is not stunted by this, and keeps jawing away. Long says he has 3 teams now, and will up it to 4 if Miz doesn’t cool it. Show then comes from behind and puts his hands over Miz’s mouth, so it appears as if we have a Gauntlet Match.

The Miz & Big Show vs. John Morrison & R-Truth – Gaunlet Match #1
Morrison & Miz start, but the match falls apart pretty quickly. Morrison & Truth hit a cool tandem moonsault/leg drop. Show is in, but Morrison catches him in an arm lock, but it is over the top rope. Ref tries to get Morrison to break the hold, but he does not, and Truth/Morrison have been DQ’d.
Winners – ShoMiz

The Miz & Big Show vs. MVP & Mark Henry – Gauntlet Match #2
MVP & Henry charge the ring, and MVP quickly hits Miz with the Playmaker, but Show fends off Henry, and hits MVP with the KO Punch, and Miz rolls him up for the pin.

Winners – ShoMiz

The Miz & Big Show vs. The Hart Dynasty (w/ Bret Hart & Natalya) – Gauntlet Match #3
Smith hits the ring, grabs Miz, and Kidd comes in with their version of the Hart Attack, and they quickly get the pinfall!

Winners – Hart Dynasty

Matthews is backstage with an update on HHH. Says that the trainers probably will not let him fight tonight, but then Sheamus comes in & says that if HHH isn’t man enough to face him in the ring, he will then win by forfeit.

CM Punk (w/ Straight Edge Society) vs. Rey Mysterio – If Punk Loses, He Must Shave His Head

Luke & Serena are all over Mysterio at the start of the match, but the Ref notices it, instead of DQing Punk, he sends them to the back. Punk is on the floor in disbelief, and Mysterio hits a baseball slide, and follows it with a springboard moonsault on the floor. Mysterio rolls him in the ring, and only gets a 2 count. Mysterio is caught, and Punk goes for the GTS, but Mysterio turns it into a Hurracanranna for 2, Mysterio up quickly, but Punk is up quicker, and he is able to kick Mysterio in the side of the head. Punk goes for a GTS again, but Mysterio sends him into the ropes, then hits the 619. A chair slides in the ring, and the ref is distracted, then a man in a hoodie & bandanna over his face slides from under the ring, and powerbombs Mysterio on the floor! Punk rolls Mysterio into the ring, and hits the GTS for the pin.

Winner – CM Punk

Punk sits in the barber chair on the stage, and mocks Mysterio, but the mystery man was not there with them.

JTG vs. Shad Gaspard – Strap Match
Shad has new tights and new music…both are bad. JTG still comes down to Cryme Tyme. Rules of the strap match are that you have to hit all 4 corners in succession. Shad takes control of the match early, tosses JTG over the top rope, and tries to pull him back in by the strap. Shad then wraps up JTG on his back, and tries to carry him to each corner, but JTG is hitting the corners while Shad turns his back, and before the last corner, JTG slides off, and leaps toward the last corner, and wins the match.

Winner – JTG

Another update on HHH is that he will not be able to wrestle tonight.

Recap of Swagger winning the Money in the Bank, World Title, then the feud with Orton.

Jack Swagger (c) vs. Randy Orton – Extreme Rules Match – World Heavyweight Championship

Orton takes the early control, keeping things slowly. They fall to the floor, and Swagger takes over, hitting a suplex on the floor. The crowd starts a ‘RKO’ chant. In the ring, Swagger is having a suplex clinic, hitting a series of different varieties. Swagger sends Orton shoulder first into the ringpost, and then gets his World Title belt. As Swagger charges with the belt, Orton gets his boot up, and starts to fight back, but Swagger hits another suplex to lay out Orton in the corner. Swagger takes his time, but then goes for a Vader Bomb, but as his leaps off the ropes, Orton moves, and grabs the title belt, planting it in Swagger’s gut as he was coming down. Swagger tries to escape the ring, but Orton keeps him on the apron, and tries to hit the Viper DDT, however Swagger gets his feet off the ropes, and then back body drops Orton to the floor. Swagger follows, and goes after Orton with a trash can, but Orton with a kick to the gut, grabs the trash can and repeatedly hits Swagger with it. Orton sends Swagger to the steel steps, and then stomps Swaggers head on the ringsteps. Back in the ring, Orton stomps away, and then goes for a knee drop, but Swagger dodges it, and slides back to the apron to get a chair. Orton catches him though, then pulls him through the ropes, and hits the Viper DDT. Orton then lines up for a RKO, but then he takes the chair, and opens it in the middle of the ring. He goes to RKO Swagger on the chair, but Swagger reverses it, and Orton goes back first over the chair. Orton is selling the pain, and Swagger comes over, and picks up Orton as dead weight and hits the Doctor Bomb for the pin.

Winner – Swagger

As Swagger is leaving the ring, Orton hits a RKO on the floor! As Orton is walking up the ramp, Sheamus’s music hits…

Sheamus says that if HHH doesn’t get out there, he will forfeit the match. Cole says there is nerve damage in HHH’s neck, and he can barely use his arm. They cut backstage, and Matthews says that HHH will not compete tonight, but the trainer’s room door opens, and HHH charges out toward the stage.

Sheamus vs. Triple H – Street Fight
HHH rushes the ring, and gets the advantage early. Sheamus fights back, and is in complete control of the match. Sheamus tosses HHH hard into the retaining wall. On the floor again, Sheamus hits neckbreaker on the floor, and HHH continues to sell his neck injury. Back in the ring, Sheamus charges at HHH in the corner, but HHH gets his boot up, and follows it with a DDT, but he landed hard on the back of his neck. Sheamus is up first, and he gets his lead pipe, but HHH fends him off, hitting face to knee, but as he goes back toward Sheamus, Sheamus drills him with the pipe, but only gets 2 count! Sheamus goes for the Celtic Edge, but HHH slides out of the hold, and then dumps Sheamus to the floor. HHH runs Sheamus to the steps, and then hammers away on him with a Kendo Stick. He beats on Sheamus up the ramp, and then tries for a Pedigree, but Sheamus back body drops out of it. Sheamus then hits HHH with the Bicycle Kick on the ramp! Sheamus pulls HHH to the ring, and hits another Bicycle Kick. The ref asks if HHH wants to continue, and he shoves the ref away, does the crotch chop, but gets ANOTHER Bicycle Kick, which bounces HHH off the ropes, and then ANOTHER Bicycle Kick puts the match away.

Winner – Sheamus

Trainers come out, and they want to put a cervical collar on HHH, but he refuses the help. Trainers are helping him up the ramp, and Sheamus hits ANOTHER Bicycle Kick on the defenseless HHH. The trainers then put the collar on him, and he is being stretchered out of the arena.

Matthews with Edge, asks what his plans are for tonight’s match. Edge says that there is no way he will let Jericho out of the cage.

Michelle McCool (c) (w/ Layla & Vickie Guerrero) vs. Beth Phoenix – Extreme Makeover Match – WWE Woman’s Championship

Beth has a broom early, and fends off Vickie & Layla. Beth turns into a face full of hairspray from McCool. McCool brings in an ironing board, and slams Beth with it. She then lays it on Beth, and surfs on her. McCool gets an iron, but the cord was not long enough, very dumb. She goes to the floor, but Beth dropkicks her off the apron onto a table of makeup that was ringside. Back in the ring, Beth gets McCool up on the top turnbuckle, then puts the ironing board in the corner, and looks to superplex McCool, but McCool shoves her off, right on the board, but only a 2 count! McCool calls for the Faith Breaker, but Beth reverses it and hits the GlamSlam for the pin.

Winner and New Champion – Beth Phoenix

Matthews with Jericho, says that he wants to cause more punishment on Edge.

Edge vs. Chris Jericho – Steel Cage Match

Jericho is reluctant to get in the ring, and he tries to bring a chair in. Edge baseball slides through the door, and brings Jericho in the ring, chairless. Jericho quickly tries to exit the cage, but Edge catches him. Edge gets Jericho between the ropes & the cage, and goes for a spear, but Jericho dodges it, and Edge goes shoulder first into the cage. Edge back up on the apron, and Jericho hits the springboard dropkick. Edge fights back, hits the Edge-o-Matic, and then lines up for a Spear, but Jericho is in the corner near the door, and he ducks the spear, and tries to slide out the door. Edge grabs Jericho’s legs, and pulls him back in, but Jericho grabs the chair that he left there earlier, which Edge grabs away, but then Jericho slams the door shut on Edge’s head. Jericho is then free to leave the cage, and has he is walking down the steps, he changes his mind and goes back in the ring. Jericho grabs the chair, but misses a chair shot, and Edge hits the spear! Edge pulls up Jericho, but Jericho quickly hits a Codebreaker. Jericho goes to leave over the top of the cage, but Edge catches him, and brings him back down on the top rope, but there is where Jericho hits a SUPER Codebreaker! Both are slow to get up, and Jericho crawls over for the pin, but only gets a 2. Jericho tries to leave again, but Edge slams the door on Jericho’s ankle. Edge works over the ankle and then finally hits the spear for the pin.

Winner – Edge

Recap of Batista/Cena feud.

John Cena (c) vs. Batista – Last Man Standing Match – WWE Championship

Cena starts out strong to start, knocks Batista down a few times. Batista brings a chair in the ring, but swings & misses, and Cena knocks him down again. Cena sends Batista off the ropes, but Batista hits a shoulder block, then a clothesline, and Cena is down for a count of 5. Batista brings Cena to the corner of the ring, and cracks his ankle with a chair. Batista then works over the busted up ankle, locking in the Figure 4. Cena rolls it over, and Batista lets go, but Cena hulks up, and hits the spinning powerbomb, then the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Batista rolls to the floor, and goes under the apron. Cena follows, but Batista hits him in the gut with a wrench. Batista brings a chair in the ring, but Cena stops him, and picks him up for the FU, and hits it on the chair! Batista starts getting up at 7, and Cena goes to the top rope, but Batista is up at 9, and shoves the ref into the ropes, knocking down Cena. Batista then hits 2 spears, both only getting 8 counts. Batista is frustrated, and he goes under the apron, pulls out a tool box, opening it up, but then gets a table. Batista puts the table in the corner, but Cena gets over there and tries to lock Batista in the STFU, but Batista rolls out of it, and shoves Cena through table. Cena is able to slide to the floor at the count of 8, and Batista follows, and whips Cena hard into the retaining wall, which gives away, but again only an 8 count. Batista is livid, he clears off the announce table, and brings the steps over next to the table, and looks like he’s going for a Demon Bomb, but Cena fights back, and hits the FU off the steps through the table! Cena is back in the ring, and Batista is back up at a 9 count, Cena can’t believe it. Cena gets a table in the middle of the ring, and goes to FU Batista through it, but Batista slides off, and hits a big spinebuster through the table, but only gets a 9 count! Batista with a Demon Bomb in the middle of ring, but Cena is only down for 9. Batista then brings the bottom of the steel steps in the ring, but Cena is able to collect himself, and lock in the STFU. Batista taps out, but that can not be the end of the match. Batista is passed out, but is able to get back up by the count of 9, but holding himself up in the corner. Cena goes to the floor, and pulls on Batista’s legs, wishboning him across the post. Cena goes into the tool box, and gets duct tape, and wraps Batista’s legs up around the post, so he can not stand up. Batista can not answer the 10 count, and Cena wins.

Winner – John Cena

Show Over.

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