2010 NFL Draft Grades – NFC East

Dallas Cowboys
2010 NFL Draft Overall Grade: A-
24. Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State
Value Board #: 15
Grade: A
Getting the best WR in the draft after the Broncos reached for Thomas was good for them. Wide reciever isn’t a need, but getting a playmaker the type of Bryant will help Dallas tremendously. Potential headache? We’ll see.

55. Sean Lee, ILB, Penn State
Value Board #: 36
Grade: A
Another great player falls into Jerry Jones’ and the Cowboys’ lap. The only concern with Lee is a knee injury that he suffered in 2008, but he should be fully healed now. Some teams had him rated higher than Rolando McClain.

126. Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, CB/FS, Indiana of Pennsylvania
Value Board #: 78
Grade: A
ANOTHER steal. The only weakness on last year’s team was pass defense which was ranked 20th. AOA will no doubt get playing time this season and will contribute.

179. Sam Young, OT, Notre Dame
Value Board #: 234
Grade: B-
This was a top heavy offensive tackle draft, so there would be reaches at that position. This is one. He was the best on a bad Notre Dame O-line, but he helped improve his stock at workouts.

196. Jamar Wall, CB, Texas Tech
Value Board #: Projected FA
Grade: C
Second questionable pick after an unworldly first 3 picks. Wall is a little undersized, but could be an underestimated pick. All Big 12 2nd Teamer.

234. Sean Lassimore, DE/DT, William & Mary
Value Board #: 185
Grade: A
Cowboys end on a great note by drafting Lassimore. William and Mary is starting to produce some NFL talent, starting last year with Derek Cox. This season they had 2 good late round prospects: Lassimore and OLB Adrian Tracy.

New York Giants
2010 NFL Draft Overall Grade: B-
15. Jason Pierre-Paul, DE, South Florida
Value Board #: 13
Grade: A
This is right around where JPP was projected and he’s a boom or bust prospect. He could’ve gone anywhere from the top 10 to falling out of the first round because of concerns that he didn’t even start every game last year. He’s very inexperienced, but with the tradition of a strong defensive line on the Giants, he could grow into a huge force.

46. Linval Joseph, NT, East Carolina
Value Board #: 71
Grade: B-
Best suited for a 3-4 nose tackle, but the Giants clearly needed help at defensive tackle. They know that you have to win the battle in the trenches even if the game is becoming more pass happy.

76. Chad Jones, S, LSU
Value Board #: 87
Grade: B
Jones was a 2nd round prospect after the college season ended, but began to drop. Former baseball prospect is still fine tuning has skills. Some say he’s underrated, I can get on board with that. This was about where his draft range was, so it’s not too much of a reach from the Value Board.

115. Phillip Dillard, LB, Nebraska
Value Board #: 148
Grade: B-
The Giants are in need of some linebacker depth since Antonio Pierce left.

147. Mitch Petrus, G, Arkansas
Value Board #: 98
Grade: A
Great value here, the Giants get a guy who has lots of potential. He’s got tremendous tenacity, which helped him earn a spot on the team at Arkansas after walking on.

184. Adrian Tracy, DE, William & Mary
Value Board #: 221
Grade: C
The other William & Mary product, still has a lot of holes in his game.

221. Matt Dodge, P, East Carolina
Value Board #: 7-UDFA
Grade: C+
Brought in because Jeff Feagles told Coughlin that he’s thinking about retiring.

Philadelphia Eagles
2010 NFL Draft Overall Grade: B
13. Brandon Graham, DE, Michigan
Value Board #: 16
Grade: B+
I know there was a lot of clamoring by teams to try to situate themselves so they’d be in position to take this guy. Tremendous pass rusher, had a huge Senior Bowl, just overall great post season. It was hard to gauge where he’d fall, since there was such demand for him. As a result, he landed a few spots ahead where I projected him.

37. Nate Allen, FS, South Florida
Value Board #: 54
Grade: B
A little bit of a reach, but Allen was regarded as one of the top safeties after Eric Berry and Earl Thomas and was going to go quick in the 2nd round.

86. Daniel Te’o-Nesheim, DE, Washington
Value Board #: 109
Grade: B-
Andy Reid loves drafting linemen, and this year obviously is no different.

105. Trevard Lindley, CB, Kentucky
Value Board #: 199
Grade: C+
Lindley is a little slow for a corner and has somewhat of a finesse game more than a physical one.  He was projected to be a border line first rounder, but an injury disrupted his season last year and dropped him almost out of draft consideration on a lot of mockers’ boards. Eagles are banking on him to bounce back.

121. Keenan Clayton, OLB, Oklahoma
Value Board #: 7-FA
Grade: D
Another huge reach. It’s one thing to have players who are 30 ranks off on people’s boards, but drafting players who are looking like undrafted free agents is too much. He does have a decent 40 time for a 229 linebacker at 4.59.

122. Mike Kafka, QB, Northwestern
Value Board #: 209
Grade: B-
Quarterbacks get overdrafted anyway, so they get a B- for that here. However, Kafka could have been higher on the boards of teams who were looking for QBs.

125. Clay Harbor, TE, Missouri State
Value Board #: 177
Grade: B-
This guy was on everybody’s radar. He projects to a tight end in the NFL and could prove to be a Chris Cooley type of player.

134. Ricky Sapp, DE, Clemson
Value Board #: 67
Grade: A
Excellent choice, getting a huge faller in Sapp. Just like Brandon Graham, Sapp was projected to be at his best in a 3-4 linebacker spot.

159. Riley Cooper, WR, Florida
Value Board #: 193
Grade: B-
I had Cooper ranked lower than most others because he came from Florida and their receivers just don’t pan out. Last year Percy Harvin succeeded, but he played running back and wide receiver.

200. Charles Scott, RB, LSU
Value Board #: 181
Grade: B
About his draft range here. Scott is a sleeper candidate because he showed so much potential early on at LSU, but hasn’t quite gotten to where he can be yet. Last season, he struggled, then got injured, all causing his stock to plummet.

220. Jamar Chaney, ILB, Mississippi State
Value Board #: 117
Grade: A
Good pick to help their grade and defense. Chaney was considered by many to be the 4th best MLB behind McClain, Lee, and Spikes.

243. Jeff Owens, DT, Georgia
Value Board #: 188
Grade: A
Good value, good pick. Andy Reid apparently wanted to solidify his defensive line. People will say why draft so many defensive linemen? And they so easily forget that you can’t win unless you pressure the QB. They easily forget what the Giants did to Tom Brady in the Super Bowl a few years ago.

244. Kurt Coleman, FS, Ohio State
Value Board #: 190
Grade: A
Great picks to end the draft for the Eagles. Philly’s secondary needs all the help they can get. The improved defensive line will help the pass rush as well. Led the Buckeyes defense last year, hard hitting safety.

Washington Redskins
2010 NFL Draft Overall Grade: C
4. Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma
Value Board #: 6
Grade: B-
Yea, ‘ole Silverback is better for Shanahan’s blocking scheme, but you can’t reach for lesser offensive tackles in the top 5. Williams will still be great, but Okung will be better.

103. Perry Riley, ILB, LSU
Value Board #: 133
Grade: B-
Taking Riley ahead of Jamar Chaney was a mistake. Riley will be inside in their new 3-4 defense. Making the transition from 4-3 to 3-4 will take more than just drafting one new linebacker. I see only 8 on their roster on NFL.com. That’s way too thin, they don’t realize how many linebackers you need to run a 3-4 for depth purposes.

174. Dennis Morris, TE, Louisiana Tech
Value Board #: FA
Grade: F
Way off. Played fullback in college, known for his good, strong hands, but should’ve been undrafted free agent.

219. Terrence Austin, WR, UCLA
Value Board #: FA
Grade: C
5 ft. 10 in., 165 lbs, but fast. Drafted for the return game.

229. Erik Cook, C, New Mexico
Value Board #: FA
Grade: C
Will make move to guard because of his 6 ft. 7 in. height. Was offensive and team MVP…that’s right.

231. Selvish Capers, OT, West Virginia
Value Board #: 121
Grade: A
The Redskins take a project player who was projected to go much earlier by a lot of people. Washington will be able to try to build their offensive line back up.