Secret Avengers Lineup Revealed and Thoughts on the Team

Ed Brubaker and Mike Deodato will be heading this new Avengers book. Here’s the team:

Steve Rogers as a SHIELD Member: Steve leading a team like this is great. The Secret in the title implies they’ll be doing dirty work, which doesn’t fit Steve’s established character. Outside of war, he’s extremely against killing, though that’s softened due to his friendship with Wolverine. Still, a Rogers in a Nick Fury role is different and intriguing.

Beast: Disenfranchised with the X-Men for their killing this perhaps means that this team will make hard decisions with morals in tact, certainly an interesting take. Beast in Bru’s hands just sounds fun. A sarcastic genius who likes showing off, he should play well off of…

War Machine: Rhodey is getting a major role here and is certainly used to dealing with sarcastic genius’s who like showing off. He also adds some heavy artillery.

Valkyrie: Another heavy hitter, looks like we get a counterpoint to Iron Man in War Machine, Pym in Beast, and Cap in… Cap. Valkyrie fills the Thor role and is a really awesome under-used character anyway.

Nova: The leader of the entire space police, I believe I covered him properly here.

Moon Knight: Adds a wildcard. A crazy Wolverine-esque character should really fit well here as far as character interaction goes.

Ant Man: And this guy is for all intents and purposes a villain. I can’t wait to see how he ends up here.

Sharon Carter: Sharon will be our government liasion here and fits the role well, as Cap’s love and an accomplished spy.

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