90210 Spoilers: What Will Happen On Tonight's Episode?

In “Multiple Choices” episode airing tonight on The CW, Naomi will be required to complete community service and publicly apologize to her peers for the trouble she caused as a result of falsely accusing her faculty adviser of sexual harassment. The gang is preparing for the SAT’s, and Silver will disagree with Teddy’s decision to skip college to focus on his tennis career,and things will grow even more tense when she meets his movie star father named Spence (guest star Ryan O’Neal).

Liam and his father named Finn (guest star Scott Patterson) will reconnect and attempt to rebuild their relationship. Navid and Dixon will host an underground gambling party that results in Dixon owing mark (guest star Blake Hood) a lot of money. Debbie will reveal to Harry that she kissed another man,and it will force them to finally discuss their recent problems. Annie will overhear her parents conversation and turns to Liam for support. Just when Naomi thinks her life is back on track, her evil sister Jen (guest star Sara Foster) will return to Beverly Hills to give her some trouble.

Credit: OnTheFlix.com