Fresh Meat Wednesday – IPTV Interview Exclusive: Sarah Rice (MTV Fresh Meat 2)

Sarah Rice and her partner Vinny Guadagnino’s elimination in the second episode of MTV’s Fresh Meat 2 certainly was a shocker. On paper, Sarah’s brains combined with Vinny’s athleticism seemed to be a can’t miss combination for success. Alas, after Sarah chose to side with her Duel tormentor Kenny, Wes targetted her to go into Exile which resulted in her exit from the game.

After making an impressive debut season on The Ruins where she made it to the Finals and almost took home the grand prize, Sarah is lusting for a win. Once a humble rookie, Sarah’s near-victory has given her a remarkable confidence that some may view as cocky. Last seen crushing on Kenny in Thailand, Sarah swears that they are just friends and close allies.

I first met Sarah last year when she was a guest on my show, Reality Obsessed. I knew she would be opinionated and I wanted to get the juice from this season from her. We discussed her feelings on her Real World Brooklyn housemate Katelynn’s betrayal, why she aligned with Kenny when he was so mean to her and her thoughts on how I compare to Noor.

The interview also serves as the fourth in our series of MTV interviews, which we like to call Fresh Meat Wednesday’s here at IPTV.

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