MLB: Chicago Cubs Pitcher Carlos Zambrano Told Relief Stint Is Only Temporary

Last week the Chicago Cubs made the surprising decision to send staff ace Carlos Zambrano to the bullpen to make room for Ted Lilly’s return from the DL. Zambrano told reporters Monday that while he accepts his role as a set-up man, his mindset is still that of a starter and he expects to return to the rotation soon.

“Yeah, that’s what Lou said, that’s what we agreed,” Zambrano said. “They are looking for a setup man. That’s what they told me. I don’t think I’ll be here too long in this role. But I will be there when they need me.”

Zambrano has allowed 1 run in two relief apperances covering 3 innings.

Neither Zambrano or the organization have hinted at how long Zambrano will stay in the pen.

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