The Daily Review: Supergirl #39 by Sterling Gates

Gates takes Supergirl into the Last Stand of New Krypton crossover. Does his work deserve more attention that the crossover will get it or is this just another forgettable book sold on the strength of importance to continuity?

Summary: At this point in the crossover, General Zod and his Kryptonian Army are battling Brainiac’s forces, but New Krypton has already been bottled again. Brainiac 5 (from the Legion of Superheroes and a descendant of our evil Brainiac) is separated with Supergirl and the focus of the issue is on their relationship. Brainy is being a jerk to hide from Supergirl the fact that he and she fall in love in her future and his past, but she dies, leaving him heartbroken. Together, they come to an uneasy understanding that Supergirl can’t know her future and they take out the force field, allowing Superman back on the ship. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor plots.

Thoughts: I hate Supergirl as a character. She’s well-written, fine, but she’s impulsive and obnoxious in most appearances. I get that that’s her character and fits her age… I just don’t especially care enough that I want to read about her. That said, Sterling Gates is great and does an excellent job moving the story along without letting his lead, lead mind you, overpower the story. Brainy’s patience for the younger version of the woman he loves is very well played, even if it does require some clunky internal monologue- internal monologue for Brainy is always best kept at a minimum- being so incredibly smart it’s hard to buy him thinking in this much exposition or at such a simple level. Brainy makes a few mistakes in this issue with weird plans, but those really work out, playing off how flustered he is, as intelligence has little to do with how you feel and react when you’re in love. Overall, this is a good action comic that works in some interesting character moments. I’d love to read more of Gates- he seems to get storytelling- just not necessarily on these characters since one is annoying and one requires more subtlety.

Rating: 5/10. Not as bad as the score would indicate. This is a fun comic with an annoying lead and a slightly out of character supporting Brainiac 5.

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