The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie DVD Review

Wow, they managed to make the TV show look tame and respectful…

We’ll get this out of the way early, this movie is raunchy, horribly horribly horribly politically incorrect, disgusting, and absolutely hilarious. And from watching the extras, they toned it down from the original versions. I want to see the first cut of this movie just to see some of the truly disgusting stuff they really wanted in the movie. That statement might be a bit misleading. I say “the truly disgusting stuff” however one of the scenes in the movie is what most people would consider truly disgusting which completely destroys what the truly disgusting stuff they wanted in. The scene is question is a group orgy: Captain Hero is having sex with a dead girl while taking a crap on Ling Ling and that’s just part of the scene. Again, that is the toned down scene.

The entire movie is equally outlandish. The story starts with Jew Producer putting the housemates through a contest where they all wear high heels and crush puppies while Jew Producer handles himself. Shortly after Foxy figures out that they aren’t being censored when she drops the first F bomb of the movie. To make sure they’re not being censored she has Wooldoor whip out his 3rd leg. This is all about 10 minutes in. Jew Producer ends up in trouble with his boss because he was supposed to have the cast erased. Since Jew Producer loves the characters so much, he refuses to erase them so his boss calls in I.S.R.A.E.L. to erase the characters. I.S.R.A.E.L. is a robot that fires exploding erasers, and yes, it is used for exactly the type of jokes you’d expect with that name. Such as, “You will go tell boss what happened, I.S.R.A.E.L. is sick of being blamed for every little thing that goes wrong in the desert.”

With being hunted by I.S.R.A.E.L. the cast members figure that if they can get their show back on air, they won’t need to be erased and they can continue to live in the house. They head to Suck My Taint Girl for advice on how to get their show back, and she tells them to go to make a point land so they can get a point so their humor isn’t pointlessly disgusting. Cue first scene I described.

The story moves quickly as you’d expect from a movie that is only 70 minutes. There is never a stretch of more than 5 minutes without something to make you laugh and most of the jokes don’t fall short, which happens occasionally when TV shows move to the movie screen. A lot of times the writers don’t know how to adjust to the freedom granted to them on the big screen as opposed to the TV spectrum. The writers here did not have that problem as they let everything fly. They also had the advantage of not needing to worry about keeping their show on TV as they’ve already been canceled.

The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie is presented in Widescreen format and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound.

They did the movie using flash instead of the hand drawn style of the show, so it looks slightly different, but nothing that anyone who isn’t paying ridiculously close attention is going to notice.

Featurette: Drawn Together True Confessionals Love the end of this one, they ask everyone what they think is next for the series, all the cast members talk about the show being picked back up and going on and doing more seasons and the writers say they are done with the show and there is basically no chance of the show coming back.

Featurette: Drawn Together: The Legacy Just takes a look back on the show and catches some people up who might not have watched.

Featurette: Anatomy of an Animated Sex Scene The writers talking about the 3-D sex scene and what went into it and what couldn’t go into it.

Featurette: Re-Animating Drawn Together: From the Small Screen to the Slightly Bigger Screen This talks about the transition from hand drawn to flash.

Featurette: D.I.Y. 3D Glasses A topless lady showing you how to make your own 3-D glasses since they don’t give you any with the movie.

Additional Scenes: Deleted Scenes Pretty short, sometimes it’s hard to tell what they’ve changed with the scene it’s so short.

Other: Drawn Together Minisodes These are a collection of clips from the show for each character to give a little background on each one.

Commentary: Audio Commentary with Matt Silverstein, Dave Jeser, Jordan Young & Kurt Vanzo Oh joy…it’s commentary.

Brilliant. Disgusting. Depraved. Almost vomit worthy at times. But still, fantastic. If you’re a fan of the show this just goes 10 times farther and just completely destroys any morals the show may have had. It is brutally honest and just wonderful.

Comedy Central presents The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie. Directed by Greg Franklin. Starring Cree Summer, James Arnold Taylor, Adam Carolla, and Seth McFarlane. Written by Dave Jeser and Matthew Silverstein. Running time: 70 minutes. Not Rated. Released on DVD: April 20th, 2010. Available at