WWE Supplemental Draft Coverage: All Picks Including A Former World Champion, Second Generation Stars Changing Brands

Here are the picks so far:

MVP is back on Smackdown, and given that he’s never received a push on Raw, he must be ecstatic that he might actually get to do something again.

The Hart Dynasty, David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd, are now on Raw. One would think that them being the Unified Tag Champs was a way to avoid wasting a draft slot on them, and one would also think that Natalya would have come as some part of package deal. Still, titles or not, this is a team that is more then ready for the move to the big show.

Rosa Mendes has been moved to Smackdown. Is Mr. Woo Woo Woo next? Does anyone remember that they were an on screen couple? I’m surprised that I do!

JTG is now a member of the Raw roster. Now it becomes a matter of which former member of Cryme Tyme gets fired first. JTG has apparently been undrafted.

Hornswoggle has been drafted to Smackdown. Great news for Goldust, bad news for Chavito.

Goldust has been drafted to Raw. Not bad so long as he’s kept away from the midget.

Ezekiel Jackson has been drafted to Raw. This will matter more in six months when he’s healthy.

The Great Khali and Ranjin Singh are drafted to Raw. So much for Khali’s time off to heal. The former World Champion will be on Raw now.

Chavo Guerrero is drafted to Smackdown. Getting away from the effing midget is good news. Lord know when they’d be tempted to bring that nonsense back.

Cody Rhodes is drafted to Smackdown. With the card depleted, he should have a real chance to slide into the upper-midcard.

This post will be updated as new picks are made.
Natalya is drafted to Raw. Not so bad since the Hart Dynasty have the tag titles and are multi-brand.

Chris Masters is drafted to Smackdown. sure, why not?

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