10 Thoughts on WWE NXT – April 27, 2010 – Daniel Bryan, Skip Sheffield

1. I can’t get over how Skip Sheffield’s ring attire is a combination of Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Rock, and the Legion of Doom.

2. Now they’re selling programs? I’m sure that’s a violation of a few federal labor codes…working under duress, working without pay, etc., etc., etc. Also, who cares if you win these things or not? It doesn’t give you “immunity” from being voted out by the other pros.

3. Well Jericho gets his win back this week, but they still continue to push Heath Slater down our throats as a threat. Of all the people on the show, I want him to lose the most…well maybe not as much as Darren Young but Young is becoming less annoying.

4. Despite Cole’s labeling of Bryan as a “tool” I laughed very hard at Bryan’s decision just to throw things into the audience instead of selling them. Although Bryan is throwing these challenges, I honestly believe that it helps him get over because elements of the audiece recognize how dumb these challenges really are.

5. I agree with Jericho’s assessment about Tarver…he’s dead last. Gotta love Cole’s “Owen” voice when sizing up Tarver’s chances.

6. I appreciated the conversation between R-Truth and Daniel Otunga just because it played the face/heel behavior dynamic well. I mean c’mon, when was the last time you saw wrestlers arguing over the proper way to win with a sunset flip?

7. The backstage segments would have more effect if Michael Cole didn’t feel the need to comment on them after each one finishes. His cliche sayings distract you from the impact that the prior segment was meant to have. For example, do we REALLY need him to reiterate R-Truth’s claim that life is tough in the WWE?

8. For the selling challenge, how does Striker immediately know how much merchandise the wrestlers are selling? Is he the new Rain Man?

9. If Tarver was the product then he did a very poor job selling himself. I LOVED Barrett’s solution of taking the money and just leaving.

10. I like Sheffield’s finisher, although it does take a while to set up. What’s it going to take for Bryan to get a win? Ricky Steamboat’s Hall of Fame ring?

That’s it for this week, but check out my “What the World Is Watching” column if you like reading reviews of old WWF action.

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