2010 NFL Draft Grades – NFC North

Chicago Bears
2010 NFL Draft Overall Grade: B+
75. Major Wright, FS, Florida
Value Board #: 105
Grade: C+
A good prospect. One of the toughest players on Florida’s team. Chicago had an average defense last year. Wright will help them get back to the normal type of Bears defense.

109. Corey Wootton, DE, Northwestern
Value Board #: 52
Grade: A
Wootton had a torn ACL in the Alamo Bowl after the 2008 season, so last season was his comeback year. If he’s proven he came back all the way healthy, I think he will, this will be a huge steal. The Bears now have a fromidable defensive front with Peppers and Wootton.

141. Joshua Moore, CB, Kansas State
Value Board #: 155
Grade: B
Is undersized and won’t be strong enough to go up against bigger WRs, but is instinctual, quick, and good hands.

181. Dan LeFevour, QB, Central Michigan
Value Board #: 84
Grade: A
Good to have a backup plan for the now questionable trade for Jay Cutler. Very successful in college, will have to learn NFL offense though. But he can sit for a few years if Cutler remains starter and could become the potential starter if Cutler craps out.

218. J’Marcus Webb, OT, West Texas A&M
Value Board #: projected 7th-UDFA
Grade: B
Bears needed an offensive tackle. This is the right spot for what value Webb has to offer.

Detroit Lions
2010 NFL Draft Overall Grade: B+
2. Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska
Value Board #: 1
Grade: A
Obviously, the Rams needed a QB more than Suh, so he goes to Detroit where he can dominate the line for the next 8-10 years. Taking an offensive tackle here would’ve protected Stafford, but would’ve held back their defense from becoming very, very strong without Suh in the middle.

30. Jahvid Best, RB, California
Value Board #: 30
Grade: A
Best will have to prove that he can stay healthy in order to be worthy of a first round pick. Otherwise, this is an excellent pick.

66. Amari Spievey, CB, Iowa
Value Board #: 103
Grade: B-
Spievey is tough at 5’11”, 195 and he’s a playmaker. He’ll improve Detroit’s horrid pass defense, but at this point, Detroit still has no where to go but up. A little bit of a reach, but there weren’t any corner’s left for them. Lions go after a player they need, rather than get one who can provide better value.

128. Jason Fox, OT, Miami
Value Board #: 194
Grade: C
Fox is a big injury risk, and was one that was too high to reach here for.

213. Willie Young, DE, N.C. State
Value Board #: 162
Grade: A
More help for their defensive line. Vanden Bosch, Suh, Corey Williams, and Young with others look to provide a solid base to get Detroit back into contention for something.

255. Tim Toone, WR, Weber State
Value Board #: UDFA
Grade: C
A return threat. Mr. Irrelevant was picked and was met with “overrated” chants. Fans know everything don’t they?

Green Bay Packers
2010 NFL Draft Overall Grade: A-
23. Bryan Bulaga, OT, Iowa
Value Board #: 10
Grade: A
What a steal, and at a position of need. GM Ted Thompson knows that best available player is how you build a successful team and sustain it.

56. Mike Neal, DE/DT, Purdue
Value Board #: projected 5th round
Grade: C+
Thompson and the Packers must’ve really liked Neal. He is a very good fit at DE in 3-4, but there were many, many more options. Must’ve had him much higher on the board because of Johnny Jolly’s off-field troubles.

71. Morgan Burnett, S, Georgia Tech
Value Board #: 55
Grade: A
Another steal. Burnett had an amazing pro day and he’ll provide stability for Green Bay’s secondary. Atari Bigby is their starting safety, but he’s missed 13 games the past 2 years.

154. Andrew Quarless, TE, Penn State
Value Board #: 198
Grade: B-
Quarless was suspended 3 times in 2007-08. This is a surprising pick, in that it’s not exactly BAP and he’s a bad character guy.

169. Marshall Newhouse, G, TCU
Value Board #: 161
Grade: A
Good value. Good offensive lineman. Excels at the running game and is fast for pulling. Will need to work on pass blocking since Aaron Rodgers needs more of that.

193. James Starks, RB, Buffalo
Value Board #: 141
Grade: A
A good running back who’s a north and south runner. Good pass catcher out of backfield.

230. C.J. Wilson, DE/DT, East Carolina
Value Board #: 226
Grade: A
Another excellent value. Wilson has good hustle and work ethic, and excels at the pass rush.

Minnesota Vikings
2010 NFL Draft Overall Grade: B
34. Chris Cook, CB/FS, Virginia
Value Board #: 49
Grade: B-
Cook was a coveted prospect ever since after the college season ended. Cook has the combination of size, speed, and experience to make an impact for the Vikes this year.

51. Toby Gerhart, RB, Stanford
Value Board #: 86
Grade: B
Gerhart is white, so he shouldn’t have gone this high…just kidding. I’m a fan of Gerhart and he’ll provide an excellent alternative to when AP gets the dropsies. He has good speed for his size, decent hands, but could get caught from behind quite a bit. Runs hard, but had 5 fumbles last season.

100. Everson Griffen, DE, USC
Value Board #: 19
Grade: A+
Steal of the draft according to my Value Board. Griffen has potential, but had been dropping in rankings recently, but no one thought he’d be there in the 3rd round. Teams probably questioned his effort if he got a big, fat paycheck. This will pay off for the Vikings.

161. Chris Degeare, OT/G, Wake Forest
Value Board #: projected 6-7th round
Grade: C
Artis Hicks was lost in free agency, so the Vikes drafted the versatile Degeare. He wasn’t in my top 236 prospects and was taken too early.

167. Nathan Triplett, ILB, Minnesota
Value Board #: UDFA
Grade: F
Terrible value here for the Vikings. Whether they drafted him for need or they just really liked him for special teams, either way, it was a reach.

199. Joe Webb, QB/WR, UAB
Value Board #: 154
Grade: B
Webb will have to play WR in the NFL. He is very athletic and will give Favre yet another option to attack defenses with.

214. Mickey Shuler, TE, Penn State
Value Board #: projected 6-7th round
Grade: B+
Good pick up. Good receiving tight end. A good blocking tight end too. Will be difficult to earn roster spot since

237. Ryan D’Imperio, FB, Vikings
Value Board #: FA
Grade: B
Will move to fullback in NFL. He played linebacker at Rutgers.