90210 – Episode 2-19 Review

Hey West Bev Kids, quit lying! Actually keep it up because I have a feeling that this years season finale will be a ticking time bomb of pent up emotions and rage. Frankly I can’t wait but until May 18th I will just have to bide my time with a mediocre albeit very entertaining 90210.

Silver found out Teddy hasn’t told his dad about their relationship and she’s mad.  I was hoping she’d break up with him but not from the looks of next weeks promo. I really despise Teddy and am glad he is not going to be a season regular next year. I can only hope that big things are in store for his character before the seasons end.  I also really can’t stand Silver dating him because I loved Silver last season and even at the beginning of this season but lately she’s been so…not Silver.  I think they are really trying to get fans on board with this relationship but I still vote that Teddy is up to no good. I hope I’m not wrong.

Annie was utterly adorable tonight even when she was dealing with some problems on the home front and she’s also majorly trying to bottle up her feelings for Liam.  That scene in the water fountain was so cute though.  I totally feel a nod to the original 90210 love triangle when I think of where season 3 might pick up for Liam and Annie.  Frankly I like it. I would love for Naomi to date a guy more like, well, Mark.

I was so glad to see Mark back causing trouble in West Bevs halls, this show doesn’t seem to handle turning any of it’s main characters into villains so it’s nice to have some quality bad guys around.  Marks return was about the only thing I liked out of Dixons silly gambling addiction.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Dixon but I still think the writers are forcing to many of his storylines.  I however do love his budding relationship with Ivy who has also grown on me this season.  I just hope his secret keeping doesn’t lead to dumpsville.

Speaking of secrets, those Wilson’s have plenty.  Debbie finally revealed to her husband Harry that her yoga instructor kissed her in a very heated argument about their current relationship “issues”.  Dixon almost got expelled for letting Mark into West Bev but having a principal father helps but the two are keeping it from everyone including Debbie which can only lead to more woes for the couple.  Then there is Annie with her hit and run secret, please tell me she didn’t do it?!

The fight between Harry and Debbi was extremely well played and has been coming all season. The last and although rather expected surprise came in the form of the sister from hell, Jen Clarke.  Naomi’s wicked sister brought her husband back to California to cause trouble for our wacky and loveable West Bev girl.  I couldn’t be more glad because Jen is someone you love to hate and I can’t wait for her to stir up the place.

The promo for next weeks episode looks completely boring but I’m hoping it is better than I could expect cause all they show is footage of Teddy. Until then see you next 90Tues10!