Brian Michael Bendis's Avengers relaunch Lineup Revealed and Thoughts on the Roster

Here’s the lineup for Brian Michael Bendis’s Avengers book:

Thor: A core Avenger and the team really always needs this big powerhouse. His presence on the team is a huge part of the impetus for the relaunch.

Iron Man: A Tony Stark without full memories for everyone to play off of after Civil War and the Initiative will be fantastic.

Captain America: Bucky is really coming into his own, though at this point I’d really prefer Steve here and Bucky on Secret as it fits each one’s skills better.

Spider-Woman: Bendis has to have a pet character everywhere. I wish I found her more interesting.

Noh-Varr: He’s been a collection of good ideas with little done but constant status quo changes. Is this where he comes into his own?

Spider-Man: Doesn’t really need to be here and New, but has become important enough as an Avenger to fit.

Wolverine: This, New, X-Men and X-Force is a bit much, even for Marvel, no? His role is easily filled by Spider-Woman or…

Hawkeye: Great news. Outside of the core three, no one says Avenger better than Hawkeye.

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