One Year in Knoxville – April 25, 1992

Bob Caudle welcomed us to the show and, as always, Dutch Mantell and Carl Styles were with him. Caudle told us that today we’d see Hollywood Bob Holly, Jimmy Golden, Prime Time Brian Lee, and we’d hear from Paul Orndorff. Caudle also promised updates on the upcoming Volunteer Slam event from Bob Armstrong.

Mantell then brought up the main event – Danny Davis and Joey Maggs vs. the Heavenly Bodies.

From there we headed to the ring where Bart Batten was waiting. David Bowie began playing and out came his opponent – Bob Holly.

Caudle and Mantell brought up that not only was Holly still undefeated, but he (like Killer Kyle) had also refused to enter the heavyweight title tournament, instead expressing his desire to meet the winner.

The bell rang and Holly jumped Batten from behind. Batten was whipped into the corner and charged up the ropes, backing Holly up. Batten came off the top with a clothesline. Holly missed a clothesline of his own, then Batten hit an atomic drop and followed with a hip toss. Holly rolled out of the ring to regroup.

Holly came back in and claimed that Batten had pulled his tights. The two locked up and Batten got a headlock. Holly and Batten traded moves until Batten hit another hiptoss and followed with a head scissors. Batten tried again and Holly dropped him over the top rope.

Holly head butted Batten and snapmared him down for a one count before going to an armbar. Holly pulled him down to the mat (by the hair) and held on to the armbar. Batten fought back to his feet and whipped Holly across the ring. Holly hit a neck breaker that put Batten down.

Holly stomped Batten and pulled him up to hit a snap mare before hitting a leg drop. Holly covered for a two. Holly started cranking on Batten’s head. Holly let go and elbowed him in the head then put him down and dropped a knee. Holly jawed with the fans and Batten started fighting back. Batten punched away on Holly in the corner and whipped him. Holly caught Batten with a boot as he charged in and followed up with the Star Drop for the win.

After a commercial we headed to the commentary area where Bob Armstrong was ready to talk about the Volunteer Slam. He started by running down the heavyweight title tournament.

Robert Gibson and Jimmy Golden would square off with the winner facing the winner of the Tim Horner/Paul Orndorff match. Buddy Landel would battle Brian Lee, and the winner of that match would face the winner of the Dixie Dynomite/Dirty White Boy match.

Armstrong added that the tag team tournament finals would also take place that night. Armstrong then invited Paul Orndorff in for a word. Armstrong promised Orndorff that he wouldn’t get anywhere near the title if he dared to use a piledriver. Orndorff promised not to piledrive anyone with a laugh. Orndorff then took the opportunity to bash Tim Horner said he didn’t care if Armstrong fined him or not. Orndorff then proclaimed that he would win the title at the Volunteer Slam.

We came back from commercial to find Davey Rich waiting in the ring. Jimmy Golden then made his way to the ring.

The two locked up and Golden pushed Rich back. A second tieup saw Golden take Rich down and the two traded double-leg takedowns. Finally Davey locked in a Boston crab and Golden made it to the ropes for the break.

Rich hit an atomic drop and followed up with a suplex. Rich covered and got a two, which prompted Golden to leave the ring and take a walk.

Golden eventually returned to the ring and Rich got a headlock. Rich cranked away on the hold and Golden went after Rich’s hair to break the hold. Golden tried a whip which also failed. Golden got caught going for the hair and tried another whip which was unsuccessful.

Golden muscled Rich up for a slam and Rich held on to the headlock, taking Golden down. Golden regained his feet and again failed to escape. Finally Golden seized Rich’s leg and dropped it over his knee to break the hold.

Golden kicked Rich’s leg to cramp it and locked in a half crab of his own. Golden pulled Rich to the apron and slammed his leg into the edge of the ring. Golden punched Rich through the ropes and pulled him to the corner. Golden whipped Rich’s leg into the ring post and returned to the ring.

Golden kicked Rich and pulled him up. Golden took Rich down and locked in a spinning toe hold. Rich kicked Golden and sent him into the corner. Rich whipped Golden into the far corner and climbed the turnbuckles to fire away ten punches.

Golden raked Rich’s eyes and Rich ducked two clotheslines before hitting a cross body. Rich slammed Golden and went back to the headlock. Golden was quick to escape but a shoulder block put him down. Golden returned to his feet and hit a dropkick for the win.

Golden then joined Caudle for a word. Robert Gibson was quick to come in. Gibson promised Golden that he was going down. Golden told Gibson that he couldn’t beat him because he was going to win the entire tournament.

We came back from commercial to find Joe Cazana waiting in the ring. The music began playing and out came Prime Time Brian Lee (to Mantell’s chagrin).

The two locked up and Cazana got a headlock. Lee escaped and leapfrogged Cazana before taking him down with a hiptoss and a body slam. Another lockup saw Lee get a headlock of his own and after a whip he shoulder blocked Cazana down and followed with an arm drag and a dropkick. Lee hit a hiptoss and locked in an armbar.

Cazana returned to the ring and raked Lee’s eyes before slamming him. Cazana climbed the ropes and missed a double axe handle. Lee hit a clothesline and followed up with a power slam. He pulled Cazana up and hit the Cancellation for the win.

Lee headed to the commentary area as Mantell cleared out.

Buddy Landel interrupted the interview to say that he loved Smoky Mountain because he could do whatever he wanted to. Lee told Landel to shut up and take his sister’s housecoat back home before storming out. As Landel expressed shock that Lee had talked to him like that we headed to commercial.

We came back from commercial for Caudle to ask Styles where he’d been over the last few weeks. Styles admitted that he’d gotten a speeding ticket and had spent time in jail because Mantell wouldn’t help him. Mantell stormed up, demanding to know what Styles had said as we went to the ring.

Reno Riggins was already in the ring. Killer Kyle, his opponent soon made his way down the aisle. Kyle handcuffed his violin case to the ringpost and pulled off his jacket and tie.

Kyle shoved Riggins and the fight was on before the bell rang as we saw Mantell berating Styles. Kyle missed a clothesline and Riggins took him down with a clothesline. Riggins backed Kyle into the corner and Kyle whipped Kyle across the ring before hitting a backdrop.

Kyle stomped Riggins as Mantell denied everything about Styles’s story. Kyle left the ring and threw Riggins back into the ring. Kyle climbed the ropes and got caught with a big boot. Riggins hit a couple of dropkicks and took Kyle down.

Riggins climbed the ropes and Kyle caught him in a bear hug. Kyle slammed Riggins down with the Rub Out for the win.

Caudle was now joined by Mantell’s friend Ron Wright. Wright showed Caudle a letter he’d received. Someone from Smoky Mountain had contacted AARP and had Wright’s discount card revoked. Wright told how furious the Dirty White Boy was and he warned the fans to stay back from the ring because the DWB would take his anger out on anyone nearby.

We returned to commentary to see a rundown on the tag title tournament. Caudle reminded everyone that the Heavenly Bodies would face Danny Davis and Joey Maggs today, and next week the Maulers and the Fantastics would square off to determine the other team that would go to the finals.

We headed to the ring as Danny Davis and Maggs made their entrance. The music changed and Jim Cornette emerged from the back to bring the Heavenly Bodies out.

Cornette entered the ring and did the ring introductions for the Bodies himself. Cornette got in a quick Fargo strut when he was introduced and joined the Bodies in jawing with their opponents.

Prichard and Davis started the match. The two locked up and Davis started working Prichard’s arm. Prichard reversed and Davis kicked his way free.

Another lockup saw Davis get backed into the corner so Prichard could start chopping away. Davis caught Prichard running out and took him out with a head scissors. Davis dropkicked Lane and back dropped Prichard. Prichard wandered close enough for Maggs to land a shot as did Davis. Prichard returned to the Bodies’ corner as Cornette called for a time out.

The two locked up again and Prichard began trading hammerlocks with Davis. Davis locked in a head scissors on the mat and Prichard got free.

Davis and Cornette jawed at each other and the two locked up again. Lane tagged in and Davis retreated to his corner. Davis waited for Prichard to leave and Lane shoved him. Davis shoved back and Lane complained to the ref.

Lane whipped Davis and Davis hit a shoulder block. Lane protested that Davis had punched him. Finally the two locked up again and Maggs tagged in.

Maggs worked Lane’s arm and Lane pulled him down with a handful of hair. The two locked up again and the same sequence repeated. On the outside, Cornette brought up the fact that Maggs’s neck may not be 100% after Orndorff hit a piledriver on him.

Lane pulled Maggs down again and Maggs came up swinging. Maggs knocked Lane through the ropes and went after him. Maggs hit a hiptoss on Lane and followed up with a clothesline. Maggs telegraphed a backdrop and Lane hit a neck breaker.

Prichard tagged in and sent Maggs into the corner. Prichard slammed Maggs and dropped a knee on him. Lane came back in and landed a cheap shot or two as Prichard held Maggs. Davis came in and was intercepted by the ref while Lane choked Maggs over the top rope. Lane then dropped to the floor from the apron and snapped Maggs’s arm over the rope before hitting a flying clothesline.

The Bodies double-teamed Maggs again as Prichard came in. Prichard picked up Maggs and hit a suplex. Lane tagged in and the two whipped Maggs before stopping him with double side-kicks.

Lane slugged Maggs in the corner and would up sent into the far corner. Lane hit a boot to stop Maggs’s charge and followed with a clothesline to the back of his head.

Lane got a chinlock and cranked Maggs’s neck until Davis charged in to help. While the ref ushered Davis out, the Bodies choked Maggs. Prichard stayed in the ring and sent Maggs into Lane’s boot before tagging Lane in for another double team.

Maggs fought back and finally whipped Lane upside-down into the corner. Lane and Prichard tried to stop Maggs, who made the tag to Davis behind the ref‘s back. Davis was a house of fire as he battled both Bodies, dropkicking both of them down. Davis cracked their heads together and the ref ordered Davis out of the ring.

Prichard DDT’d Maggs down and covered for the win to advance the Bodies in the tournament.

We came back from commercial for a word from Tim Horner. Horner talked about Orndorff’s actions and how he claimed to have never known who Horner was. Horner promised that after the Volunteer Slam, then Orndorff would know exactly who he was.

Caudle closed out another week by reminding everyone that next week’s main event would see the Fantastics battle the Maulers to see who would advance to the finals of the tournament to battle the Bodies.

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