The Daily Review: Brightest Day Green Lantern Corps #47 by Peter Tomasi

Time to get to the new status quo of the Green Lantern Corps after Blackest Night.

Summary: The main focus of this book is on saying goodbye to dead Lanterns and holding the Guardians responsible for their actions. We start with speeches on Mogo, the Green Lantern planet where a giant tree is a memorial to fallen lanterns. The rings are then released to find new holders. Soranik Natu and Kyle Rayner then reaffirm their relationship and Killowog decides to no longer be trainer, leaving Lantern Stel as trainer in his place. Isamot and Vath fight- Isamot having cut off his legs to give them to Vath, since they’ll regrow, but Vath being from Rann, hating looking like a Thanagarian. The comrades in arms shortly make up. After this, the main point of the issue arrives, as Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, and Arisa storm into the Guardians, demanding they make up the trust they lost during the War of the Light, with Arisa even punching a Guardian. She demands an explanation for Sodam Yat being refused the Ion Power, forcing him to sacrifice himself, but the Guardians blame it on the evil Scar. Kyle then demands the Third Law, prohibiting Lanterns from being in love, be repealed. The Guardians say no, but Kyle reiterates it’s a demand. Salaak is scolded for letting the angry trio in, but says he will not be a puppet and deserves the right to question. With that, the Guardians repeal the third law. Kyle and Guy share a victory beer and promise to replace Guy’s bar as the issue ends.

Thoughts: This isn’t a story, but serves as an excellent epilogue to Blackest Night and Peter Tomasi’s run on the book, which was stellar. Some of the conversation was a bit clunky, but with space opera, that’s more acceptable. No plot threads were left ignored, as Guy and Kyle really got to shine here as brothers in arms who just went through hell. Killowog needing a break was a really nice touch that made sense, as was Salaak finally being more than the good soldier. Overall, this was the bittersweet yet mostly happy ending this series deserved after Blackest Night.

Tomasi is done on this book, with Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors next on his plate, that book reportedly focussing on Guy Gardner. Tony Bedard will take over this title and if his work on REBELS is any indication, it will be of sustained high quality while focussing on Kyle Rayner.

Rating: 7/10. Hard to go higher without a real plot, but this was a good way to say goodbye to Tomasi’s excellent run on this book.

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