WWE Friday Night Smackdown Spoilers for 4/28 with Chris Jericho, Edge, CM Punk

See how the final night of many draftees tenure on Smackdown went…

Kofi Kingston defeated Chris Jericho in a good match.

Jericho is just jobbing to everyone. Well, at least Kofi can use the rub.

Backstage, a newly minted face Big Show punches out Chris Jericho.

Punching out Miz and Jericho will get him over. I can see this being the best face run of his career.

Chavo Guerrero cuts a promo about being back with Vickie, but Kane comes out and chokeslams him.

Still comedy for Chavo, and I prefer Kane doing this to go nowhere feuds.

Cody Rhodes defeated John Morrison in a long match.

I’m curious to see how Cody did here. If it was good, he’s probably in store for a big push.

Edge comes out to talk about loving the fans. He says he loves them. This draws out Christian who calls him a liar, and Edge agrees, saying he used the fan. Christian wants a match, but Edge says no and they brawl.

I’m sure this segment was great and cements Edge as a heel for those who were confused after Raw.

Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix defeated Layla El and Michelle McCool with Kelly pinning Layla.

Starting the new superstar off with a win.

Dolph Ziggler cut a promo about Hornswoggle.

If this leads to Ziggler vs. Finlay, that’s fine, but if it’s a program with Hornswoggle, shoot me now.

CM Punk and the Straight Edge Society cut a promo on Rey Mysterio. MVP comes out to cut a promo and is jumped by the SES, only to be saved by Rey Mysterio, leading to a tag match.

Rey Mysterio and MVP defeat CM Punk and Luke Gallows. Post-match the masked man attacks Rey again.

I wonder if MVP will try again on Smackdown.

Jack Swagger came out and cut a heel promo. Teddy Long announces the new #1 contender, Big Show, who comes out and knocks Swagger cold with the punch.

Show is the only top face around to challenge Swagger, so this was inevitable.

Seems like a good Smackdown with a new direction.

Credit: PWTorch.com

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